How Did I Get Fungus On My Head?

I recently discovered a patch of my hair is missing in the middle of my head, the area is very tender and itchy. I went to a dr and he told me it was a fungus. Other than taking the meds I don’t know what type of fungus it is or how to keep it from happening again. Or if my hair will even grow back.All I was told was he saw that there was a black head in it……Iam confused

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The appearance of a fungal infection may reflect:

  1. other diseases that you have (example could be HIV positive people)
  2. conditions on the scalp that change (wet conditions, sweat, gels or topicals)
  3. certain medications may make you prone to these like those which treat heart and kidney transplant patients
  4. a change in climate (people who travel may come back with these infections)
  5. poor hygiene
  6. injuries and wounds
  7. unknown causes (see: MedlinePlus – Tinea capitis)

If you are confused, I suggest that you ask your doctor to clear up the confusion for you.

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16 thoughts on “How Did I Get Fungus On My Head?

  1. Male 32..I recently spotted white spots as my head as i’m bald..when i looked closely it look like dry spots..i went to the doctor and he gave me a shampoo and told me it was fungus?? I told him that i shave with my girl’s blade and he told me that was probably the cause. Should i also change my electric blades? i have been using the shampoo for a week and i don’t see no results in fact it looks like spreading in another part of my head..funny thing is that it doesn’t itch at all..should i’ll be more concern?

  2. Hi, I think I have the same symptoms of a ringworm and I am a 39 yr. old women and I developed mine when my daughter was born almost 6 yrs. ago and I to have a black spot like it’s a blackhead, went to the dremi. and he said it was alopecia, the spot itches really bad and the hair in the area that itches has thined out, is it uncommon for an adult to have a ringworm?

  3. I have hair loss problem and have been told be my doctor to take Rogaine and I havefor a year and it does not help. I can shampoo my hair with a cleansing shampoo and after a couple of days we get this itch on my scalp and after I scratch my scalp I get this white stuff in my nails that has covered my scalp. Is this a fungus? If not what can it be and what can I use to clean it up?

  4. I have a red scalp. The hair is thinning in the top, center part of my head. At times, it is very itchy. Is this a fungus?
    How can I treat it and with what?

  5. i have spots in the back of my head its some type of fungus the doctor told me. i used some type of shampoo that was called ketoconazole shampoo 2%. but the tender bold areas are coming back whats should i do? I dont think the shampoo even did anything but make me want to scrach my hair.

  6. i had balled spot my dr said it was hair fugus and wash my hair every day how do i have this? my dr. gave me ketoconazole shampoo 2%. it made my hair grow back however WHITE AS CAN BE! i now have a new balled spot n the hair is growing in white there as well my NEW dr. now put me on Grifulvin v Micr 500 these Dr. are missing me off because i’ve now lost 30% of my hair and keep on losing it!

  7. my daughter had a fungus in her head when she was about 6 months.the Dr. gave her medicine and it went away. she is now 5 years old and it came back. Why?

  8. I have fungus/yeast infection on my head as well. I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed a foam; it’s kinda like moose, I have also been using the shampoo everyone put. The shampoo seems to control the infection, but it will spread slowly. But the foam works great! In about two weeks: gone! So ask your doctor about the foam. Sorry, I can’t remember the name, starts with “o”. hope that helps!

  9. hi
    the truth is tha it is not easy to treat this
    beware of peaple ho say they can stop it.what you have is a fungus infectoin but you wont stop it by appliying cream from the outside you need to get anti-bioticis for the fungus infection. they wil fight the fungus from within. do not start by appliying these creams on the market.

  10. Dear Doctor
    you have to help us. There is a fungus in Barbuda Antigua that is taking over our little boy’s scalp. it looks like a dog disease where the dog drop off their hairs looking extremely skinny. in October i notice what looked like a ring worm behind my son’s neck and i treated it with ring guard lotion from PARAS PHARMACEUTICALS. four days later the ring worm was gone. then i cut his hear low over the Christmas vacation and that was when i noticed his head was being the meal of a fungus. Please Doctor help me i don’t know what to do. 70% of our primary school boys has it. And it is very close to looking like a dog disease. I am afraid it might spread to my 4 months baby, and i dont want to damage my 7 year old self esteem.
    yours in anticipation

  11. Dr. pls I need your help. My son is 3 years old and has fungus on his head. Before I discover it, he used to has a white spot in his head that look like dandruff. After one month it getting worse.
    Please Dr. help me I want my son to have full hair


  12. Yes to all, you need antibiotics to stop it.
    if its bad. mine is on the back of my head, after i shower i put my hair in a ponytail without letting it dry and i also use hair gel. From now on i will leave my hair down to dry or blow dry it before i put it in a ponytail.

  13. Hello, I need help, a couple years back I got this patch of flakes on my head. I thought it was dandruff, so I used head and shoulders dandruff shampoo and it never went away. The flakiness spread to different places on my scalp. I went to go get a scalp scraping at the lab, when I got the results…it was MOLD…is that even possible! I have had this for almost two years now. Does anyone have any idea on some remedies for this stuff?

  14. I am an African American women and I also suffer from itchy scalp that turns white. I finally went to the doctor and was told that this is a fungus infection. My scalp is now being treated with ketoconazole shampoo. The doctor told me there was no cure for this infection and it would have to be treated as it occurs. Right now I use this shampoo about once a month and my scalp is itch free and clean.

  15. Hi everyone,

    My son, who is 8. He had a fungal scalp infection in June 2013, as he was losing his hair on top of his head & I cried thinking it was alopecia and searched on the internet. I looking at his bald patch every hour. That’s the worse thing you can do personally!

    I went straight to the doctors, the doctor gave him Ketoconazole shampoo and scalp application Diprosalic. It helped my son, over a month or so. His hair grew back and look healthy again. No reddish or White Flakes. (touch wood, I still worry that it’s might come back)

    I still use the shampoo once or twice a month and my son’s now using a hair dyer instead of towel it. I use natural shampoo (No Silicones etc) for my son’s hair, Apparently If your hair is still damp, the infection can come back.

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