I recently discovered a patch of my hair is missing in the middle of my head, the area is very tender and itchy. I went to a dr and he told me it was a fungus. Other than taking the meds I don’t know what type of fungus it is or how to keep it from happening again. Or if my hair will even grow back.All I was told was he saw that there was a black head in it……Iam confused

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The appearance of a fungal infection may reflect:

  1. other diseases that you have (example could be HIV positive people)
  2. conditions on the scalp that change (wet conditions, sweat, gels or topicals)
  3. certain medications may make you prone to these like those which treat heart and kidney transplant patients
  4. a change in climate (people who travel may come back with these infections)
  5. poor hygiene
  6. injuries and wounds
  7. unknown causes (see: MedlinePlus – Tinea capitis)

If you are confused, I suggest that you ask your doctor to clear up the confusion for you.

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