Dear Dr:

First, I would like to say thanks for this web site of yours. you’re one of the few sources of hair loss info that i trust. keep up the good work.

my question: what, if anything, do you know about Procapil ( there is a brand of hair care products on the market called MiN New York ( and they all contain several DHT-blocking ingredients — copper peptides, saw palmeto, etc. — and Procapil. any thoughts on this company and their products? also, i have read some info re: Nizoral and how it may help regrow hair as well as Rogaine. is this true?

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Nizoral contains a drug used to treat a variety of fungal infections of the scalp. So many people think that it is the magic shampoo for hair loss. If it is, there is far more fungal infections than I ever thought amongst the population. Many ingredients like copper peptides and saw palmetto claim DHT blocking capability, but they are poorly documented at doing just that. If saw palmetto is a DHT blocker, it is a weak one. Copper peptides are not DHT blockers.

Procapil reports that it is a patented plant complex that repairs, nourishes and prolongs the hair cycles of the telogen phase of hair growth. There are claims as well that it is a DHT blocker. In my opinion, none of this is scientific or can be substantiated to meet my standards. Again, I warn every reader that this is a ‘Buyer Beware’ business and many people make good money on promotions that may not have good scientific data presented.

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