My Hair Really Stinks

I wash my hair everyday,and the next day it smells like sweat odor,stinky.If i dont wash my hair for one day it will smell more stronger,I used to have long hair and braided but cut it off because it stinks,I thought the smell will go away but it didnt.I used alot of hair products that has oil to braid my hair, I went to florida,im thinking my hair got real dry from the sun and that why it stinks,I use alots of diffrent shampoo, and no luck,can u help me

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Try different shampoos with conditioners that will put some moisture back if you think that it is too dry. I really do not have more to suggest, particularly in regard to the smell. Sorry.

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I Was Told My Grey Hair Would Be Too Difficult to Transplant Using FUE

I am a 58 year old male with grey hair and would like to have 1000 graphs using FUE but have been told with my grey hair this is too difficult. The graphs would strengthen my hair line and fill in at the crown. Was offered 1400 FUT, previously had 800 micros with good result-but an unpleasant experience. FUE not so invasive. I believe I am a Norwood grade 3-thinning at crown and an adult hairline.


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Transplanting gray hair using the FUE technique is difficult, but you can dye it the morning of surgery and then go ahead with the FUE. Problem solved!

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Hair Lice (Not Hair Loss)

I work at a daycare and had a case of head lice a month ago. I treated it with over the counter and prescription and it came back. I then used oil treatments and homeopathy. I recently returned to the doctor to find out it is gone. HOwever; I still have itching around my ears and top of head. I also have a lot of dandruff. The doctor gave me a topical solution of cortisol but it does not seem to be helping and only making it worse? Is this normal after a case of head lice will it go away?

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LiceHead lice can be a problem and it usually requires a strong prescription medication to eliminate it. Moreover, you must remember to wash ALL your sheets and clothes in very hot water and then through a hot drying cycle to kill the lice and eggs. You may find that the dormant eggs have now hatched and that is causing your problem. I would advise you to be seen by your doctor (again) if the problem persists. For more, see:

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Chemotherapy and Female Hair Loss

At the recent ISHRS medical meeting in San Diego this past week (October 18-22), there was a suggestion that women who lose their hair from chemotherapy and do not treat the loss with medications such as minoxidil, may recover with better hair in the long term than those who are aggresssively treating their hair loss. The rationale for this appears to be interference with the normal growth cycling. If the chemotherapy causes the hair to go into its normal telogen cycle (rest) and the cycle completes itself, the hair is more likely to grow fuller than if the cycle is forced to be curtailed with these drugs. This is an interesting view of the chemotherapy hair loss problem.

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Adderall and Alopecia

Can adderall effect alopecia. Because i have alopecia, and tried Adderall a couple times, nothing consistent and i noticed that my hair growth had halted and i began getting new bald spots. I have had alopecia in the past but it always seems to grow back.

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There is a direct relationship between Adderall and alopecia in some people. The rest of your question makes no sense to me. Sorry.

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Stacking Propecia, Rogaine, and Saw Palmetto

I just started using Propecia. I’ve been using Rogaine for about 5 years, and Saw Palmeto for the last 6 months. Is it safe to use Propecia with Rogaine and Saw Palmeto? Please advise. Thanks

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I just returned from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conference in Coronado (near San Diego), California this past week. Your question was one of the topics discussed during the meeting.

Saw palmetto is a herb that has been implicated in alleviating urinary flow, which is sometimes associated with enlarged prostate. It has not been scientifically proven to work, but it is a natural herb and consumers take it for whatever benefits it may have. Many people make the link in their minds that saw palmetto could be used in alleviating male pattern hair loss with finasteride 5mg (Proscar) just because it is used for men with enlarged prostate problems. Again, saw palmetto has never been scientifically proven to help with male pattern hair loss and is absolutely not a DHT blocker.

To date, topical minoxidil (Rogaine) and oral finasteride 1mg (Propecia) are the only FDA approved medications for male pattern hair loss. There are some that believe that using the two medications in conjuction may have a synergistic effect, as they have different mechanisms of action. I believe that using minoxidil and Propecia in combination has useful value in some people, but I’d start with one at a time. If you start with both, you will not be sure which one is working best for you, and are committing yourself to a lifetime of multiple medications, when your answer may be just the one.

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I Take After My Father in Nearly All Traits — Will I Retain His Hairline Too?


I have a lot of physical traits from my father’s side of the family, including body and facial hair, and I have the same color and texture of head hair as my father. I have few traits from my mother’s side. My hair is just beginning to thin at 25, and I am hoping I take after my father’s side in hair loss as well, since my mother’s side has a strong history of baldness. I don’t suppose there is much actual data on the subject, but subjectively, do you think I am more likely to avoid baldness since I take after my father in nearly all other respects? I would like to get miniaturization mapping done but I doubt I could afford it yet, so any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Male pattern hair loss is genetic, but it does not necessarily follow a predictable Mendelian genetic pattern of either the father or mother’s side. There is no definite way to predict your hair loss pattern, but one way is to measure the miniaturization state of your scalp hair with a good hair densitometer at predefined areas on your scalp. Then you can periodically measure the miniaturization state and compare it with your baseline picture to see if there is a trend. A miniaturization study is free (at least at NHI).

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Woman Suing Procter & Gamble Over Hair Loss

Many people seem to find a way to make a bundle in our litigious society. There is no doubt that hair dyes can cause problems such as skin allergy in some people, burns from improper applications of the dyes, etc. Television has many soap opera presentations of such litigations. A good company like P&G should have adequate disclosures on the products to cover the individual risks of particular patients. $12 million is a lot of money. The legal costs to pursuing such a case is high and for P&G, the cost is higher just to build and present a defense. Many times, companies like P&G will pay off the pursuers just to avoid the legal costs and internal management costs for nuisance cases. The lawyers that take on such battles know that, so this is like a game of Russian Roulette with money as the bullet in the chamber. As clearly stated in the article, “Once Ross’ firm determined the extent of Mack’s injuries, more formal negotiations began.

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Almost a Month After Hair Transplant, My Hairs Look Broken

Hi Doc, I am about 3.5 weeks removed from a 1400 Strip Hair Transplant. Alot of my hairs have “shed” and some have “broken”. When I say broken, it appears that stubs are left in my head and I have alot of stubs, and sometimes the hair (with the black bulb at the end) comes out of my head (“shed”)… Is this normal for transplanted hairs to break, is it because they die early on? The broken hairs look like hair you would see from a haircut (no bulb ends), and the remaining part looks like stubble in the head.

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These are questions that you should discuss with the doctor who did your transplant and something that you should have been made aware of. From your brief description, it seems you are shedding your transplanted hair. This is normal. If you still feel there is something else going on, you should follow up with your doctor. I am assuming that these broken hairs reflect the transplanted hairs, not the natural hair in the general area where the transplant was done.

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Adrenal Problems and Hair Loss?

Is there a correlation between adrenal fatigue/insufficiency and hair loss (in the form of total head miniaturization, but yet have no balding, no recession.) I have very low DHEA levels and high cortisol levels…. would chronic/high physiologic stress levels induce hair thinning/miniatuzization?

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Yes, it is a possibility, as low adrenal function in such conditions as Addison’s disease affects about 1 in 100000 people. Hair loss throughout the body is a reported finding in this condition. I do not have experience with following people with this disease, as they are treated with appropriate hormone supplements. I have never seen a patient with Addison’s disease and studied the existence of miniaturization or a follow-up of this in a treated patient. Sorry that I can not shed more light on your question.

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