Bald Spot Just Appeared on Back of My Head

I am a 21 year old Male who up until a few months ago had no problem with balding. I was getting my hair cut relativly short and my hair dresser noticied I had a bald spot on the back of me head about the size of a quarter. I kinda ignored it figuring it would grow back but it has been about 5 months now and my hair is longer but the bald spot is balder then bald and seems to be getting bigger according to other people (as I cannot see the back of my head). I was just wondering what the cause for this is and if it can be anything serious or just stress related possibly? Thank You very much.

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Send me a photo of the spot you’re talking about so I can see what you’re referring to. At 21, you are relatively young for crown balding. I have some important questions for you:

  1. Is the spot in the center of the head where the swirl is located or is it off to the side?
  2. Is there still some hair present in this bald spot?
  3. Is there any balding or thinning any place else on your head?
  4. Do you have a family history of balding in the crown (back) of your head and if so, at what age did it happen?

A good doctor may be able to diagnose a possible cause, such as ringworm, alopecia areata, etc. There is not substitute to a good doctor’s examination for you. If this is genetic balding, you would want to get your hair mapped out for miniaturization, as genetic hair loss has patterns of thinning which appear before developing a bald spot.

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30 thoughts on “Bald Spot Just Appeared on Back of My Head

  1. I noticed a bald spot some years ago size of a nickle on the lower back of my head but after about a year, my hair came back. Now I noticed a couple more and for some reason I feel it’s related to my tension/stress. I have a friend that had the same problem and his doctor gave him a prescription. Can you help me identify what it was or is there anything else I can take?

  2. I can relate to this guy. I probably get my hair cut every 3 or 4 weeks, because i like to keep it short. Well the last 2 haircuts i noticed the bald spot. At first i thought nothing of it because i thought maybe the hair stylist messed up on my hair. Well its been a month or so. Its still bald. I am really worried seeing this hasn’t happened to my dad. He has alot of hair. I don’t have any other spots on my head. Please help identify my issue also. Thank you

  3. I have been reading your commets i have something similiar bald spots my spots are at my rightside of my head just behind my ear,it is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches width also my left sideburn is gone i am getting tired of wearing a cap to work is there any doctor that can help us out or if there is any home remedy please please help me from this embarrasement! PLEASE HELP!

  4. Hi I know what you are talking about I just recently got help for that by a dermatalogist, it is called alopicia, the proper trem for it is alopicia (aretna) I hope that is the way to spell it. but it was news to me as well. You will need to see a special dermatalogist so he can administer steroid shots to the bald spot it self. If left untreated it can spread or go away on it’s own but not usally ther case. That can also be a down side to that as well there is also alopicia (totaless) which eventallually all the hair falls out. The fact is the your immune system is destroying your hair follicals and it needs to be surpressed by some meds they can give you to help. Also dental issues can be a part of it as well peridontal disease some infection that is why you need to see a doctor right away I have my gone now, Do some research on alopicia and sorry if this is not the way to spell it just type it in like this and your pc should find the correct spelling and take you to a site on more on this topic BYe. Manny Good luck, don’t be ashamed it is common thing.

  5. Dude,

    The same thing happened to me too, but I am almost 40. I just have one problem: A 2 inch bald spot just in the back of my head. I tried Hollywood hair make-up to cover it.. I just got sick of that…I am just looking for a place that can fill my spot up, no less, or no more than “Totally Natural Look”. Dude, I am starting to feel old! 2 years ago folks told me I looked in my 20’s. I just want the easiest way to cover it up (That no one will know the difference. It helps your Self-Esteem too…GREATLY! Good luck with you smaller spot.

  6. I have the same problem, which really sucks. Its the third time its come back. I use an old remedy called cinnamon spirits (espiritu de canela) on it which I guess is supposed to work. I think its the power of the mind that makes it work most of all, if you have faith in it, anything will work. No concrete solution though for all of us who suffer. My mojo is definitely feeling the downside of this curse. I’m ecstatic to be part of the 1-2% this supposedly effects, kinda wish it was the totales or whatever, a free bald hair cut would be much easier to explain.

  7. Think yourselves lucky boys, I’ve recently been told and notcied that I have a bald patch on the back of my head/neck which is more like the size of a baseball.
    Sheesh, give me one the size of a nickel any day!

  8. it’s pretty funny how i’m researching what the hell is wrong with the back of my head, also about the size of a quater a bald spot has appeared, i’m only 22!!!!!!!!!!! lol but it’s funny to see the humor here with all us baldies lol… but neways, this needs to be cured!

  9. My freind, a female almost 16t, has a bald spot almost the size of a qurter on the back of her head to the right. You can’t see the spot when her hair is down, but when it is up you could notice it if you concentrated on that part of her head.
    What does she have? Is she sick. She said she hasn’t had this spot on her head beofre. She doesn’t know what she’s been stressing about to loose the hair(if it’s stress related). I think the spot is too big for it to be stress, but I am only a kid.
    She also has anxiety and she, not that recently but ever since she changed her medication, has noticed changes, but nothing that has to do with her hair.
    What is possibly wrong with her?

  10. Ahh Man’ i just found out bout this a couple weeks ago!!! lol im bout to get hella injections up on my head just to make sure my hair grows back… :( hopefully… its messen up the Game “Bruh” mines bout the size of a quarter too, little ass hairs are lightwieght creepin back out of it like they trying… hope all works out for everyone els.. Say a prayer up in here or summthing!!! and find a damn cure for it DOCS”

  11. Im only 16 an I have 2 bald spots. I at the bottom back center of my head which is the size of a pennie, the other is to the right center side of the back of my head which is the size of the quarter…

    Everyone here is an adult..
    Im just a teenager!!

  12. well, I also had a big bald spot in the back of my head and i also thought the same of my barber, but i found out that some of the times this happens is due to stress, and that’s what i thought what was going on with me but the bald spot got bigger and i had no problems in my life besides this spot, so i knew it had to be something with my dirty barber. I found out he never clean or dissinfected the clippers and this was ringworm so i went to and found my cure there i tried it all but the one that i’am sure it worked was the apple cider vinegar treatment…. so please try it because i’ve been trough youre same situation….. good luck. this is the best remedy…..

  13. you guys should consider yourselves waay luckyer than my little brother.

    he had it from birth, it went away but came back years ago, and now he’s 11 years old, and his spots are growing in number and size.

    He hates hair cuts, and cries randomly .. because of it.
    he doesnt want kids making fun of him, and he doesnt wana look like a weirdo…he isnt
    He wears hats and caps when visitors come over, and he doesnt want to go to school, for that reason.

    I tried to help him.. but doctors said he was too young to get any treatment.
    My brother lost hope, i really hurts to see my little brother like this ! If i could do anything to make him happy, id do it. Even if it meant to give him my hair. I’m only 19, and trust me it hurts ALOT.

    Please..I need help

  14. Hi guys I had my hair cut two weeks ago and everyone joked that I should ask for my money back. My hair is really thick and grows really fast so I thought after a few days it would be back to normal. However two weeks on I still have a 10p size bald spot on the back of my head.

    I am still hoping it grows back. If not I will be seeking help from my local GP. My stress levels have gone through the roof with my partner moving in to my house and we are expecting our first baby. If it is mainly stress related I am going to try some alternative therapy as well.

    Take care
    Mike 35

  15. No need to worry guys… This will grow back… Just keep laughing about the thing we have to endure in life. It’s not the end of the world. IT WILL GROW BACK!

  16. He guys, I’m 24 yrs old… I have the same thing on the back left side of my head…its very stressful… hopefully you guys are right and grows back.. its been 4 months already… good luck to all of you!!

  17. Hi everybody,
    Take biotin about 10,000 3 times a day, it sounds like very high dose because it is, only take it for 2 weeks and then reduce the intake, is a vit b that helps trmendously with the hair loss, and helps with stres levels, also add zinc 100mg, and 9.4 mg of vegetal silica organica.

    this are high doses, but work just have them with a meal, and after 2 weeks lower the dose and keep some sort of maintenance.

  18. I have a bald spot on the left side of my head, and can answer question number 2 when my hair gets alittle longer( ilike it short) there is some hair present on the spot. I curremtly have no insurence so am trying home remedies can anyone tell me please if its ring worm or another thing???

  19. Hi everyone, listen up. This will be kinda long-winded but bare with me. Its worth it.

    I have had bald spot issues apparently since I was 8 years old, and they’ve gone away and came back on 3 seperate occasions, one being just recently. I am only 17 years old.

    2 years ago I found out I had a bald spot after I got a haircut from a barber I never went to before, so I blamed it all on him. I had corticosteroids, and lots of other creams rubbed on my head as prescription daily, and nothing seemed to work. After a little over a year, I decided to try an anti-fungal shampoo called NIZORAL, and when I used it, my hair grew back in a couple weeks. I was ecstatic.

    However, as I said, I now have this bald spot problem once again (2 of them, one nickel sized and one quarter sized). I pulled out the shampoo again, but so far after a month, only the smaller one has slightly disappeared. The larger one seems to be expanding in a couple of directions now.

    I was desperate. I looked online for anything I could find. I stumbled across an organization called PAI medical group, who happen to be located near my area. I asked them tonnes of questions regarding my condition.

    What they said was that I had alopecia araeta, hair loss triggered by my nervous system attacking my hair follicles. They said it is caused by stress, or some shock that may have occured in my life. They are subjecting me to a treatment called ROSS treatment, using ross products.

    Problem is, I don’t know where you all live, since this medical group is only in a few cities/towns in canada/US. You would be on your own to find a place to get the products/treatment by yourselves. I recommend first trying out the anti-fungal shampoo (found at my local shoppers drug mart) and if it doesn’t work, look deep into this ross treatment. I am early in this procedure, so I don’t know enough about it — the specialist at PAI medical does say it will work very well though.

    People, I am telling you, this is all caused by stress. Think back when you first noticed your bald spot. Think about the 3 months before you noticed it, and try to recall anything that may have happened to you, whether it be a death to a family member, or school/work related. Anything. We must learn from now on to be able to channel our stress somewhere, for example exercise or meditation. Any way that works to deal with our stress we have sealed inside ourselves, otherwise our nervous systems will overreact again, and the alopecia araeta can turn into alopecia totalis (bald spots all over your body).

    I really hoped I was able to help some people out with this, I understand how it feels when people stare at you, and ask why are you balding already. It isn’t fun. Oh by the way, I also invested in some powder (a lot like blush) that matches the colour of your hair so it masks bald spot, making it less noticeable. It works well for some people, so it is worth a try. Anyway I’ll end that here, if you have any questions, just e-mail me at I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

  20. AAAAAAAAAAH wtf this is the second time its happend to me and there’s three of them this time one is growing back this shit sucks its been 4 months now its pissing me off. How do I get rid of it forever!!!

  21. This is CRAZY!! I thought I was the only one with this problem. This is also the second time this happend to me. The first time it was one the size of a quarter and this time it’s two of them..I know I’ve been stressing a lot. How can I get rid of it. Guys can wear caps and hats. I’m a girl and can’t wear hats. especially not at the office. Good luck to everyone!!!

  22. i had alopecia areata when i was a sophmore in school… was bad …i had about 8-10 spots the biggest being about 3″ in was all due to stress and it was 35 years ago….well….i just had my hair cut and she just noticed that i have a spot about the size of a half dollar and last time i had in jections into my head and it started to come back as blonde fuzz….but it all did come back till now.i broke my back almost 4 years ago and am totally disabled from it,have had surgery,and still i dont have much relief so this has been a major life changing event and im thinking it has finally caught up with is tough being the father of 5 kids and not being able to do much with them and can not do a whole lot as i need a few lay down periods per day so im very limited to what i can do and due to the fact i thought it would be better not the same or worse has slowly been settling in and im hoping and praying it just comes back or i may not be so stressed out…i dont know if this was much help to anyone but im almost sure all these life changing events have led up to this and now its reared it ugly head in the form of alopecia.god bless all of you who are in the same boat and pray that the stress can be reduced one way or another or you have the insurance to go to a dermatoligist and get the shots……it worked 35 years ago….im sure its even more advanced now or the same but worked back then,so im hoping it changes as its just another thing to stress over which is what causes it to begin with.
    Best Regards

  23. Wow, I was looking on the internet to find out why I had suddenly equired a bald spot on the back of my head but I wasn’t expecting everyone else to have the same problem… This does make me feel a lot better; the fact that I’m not the only 22 year old that’s going bald! I’m going to the doctor’s on Monday so will let you all know the outcome asap

  24. I noticed that i have a bald spot on the back of my head.Im using hair dye to cover my gray hair since i was 18, now im 40 years old…By dying hair that coz the hair problem that i experince?what’s the treatmen for this?

  25. Hello…I have a bald spot at the side of ma hair from when i was born….it’s about a size of coin…I’m 18 now….Is there anything that u guys can do 4 me???Waiting to hear from u.

  26. Hi… so ive been getting bald spots since i was in grade school i am now 19 and i am still getting them. i cant deny that i am very ashamed of them. i wear my hair up in a pony tail constantly. but recently i have 5. the one close to my ear is getting harder to hide. nd i noe its stress related because it always occurs when i cry or find myself having anxiety attacks. i had no idea that other people had theses problems to.nd i noe now… dat im not alone.:( i try nd try to not get stressed out, to laugh, stay calm, nd have a good time but they nvr go away completly. i always have one left nd then one more or tow more or three more appear. when is this going to end i ask? sometimes i think about shaving all of my hair off nd wearing a wig lol. i just wish dat dey would just go away.

  27. I am a 29 year old female and about 4 years ago, I started to get these random bald spots in my head. The hair would eventually grow back after several months, but I’m puzzled as to why I’m getting them to begin with. My mother stated that she used to get them when she was my age, but stated that it was alopecia. I have done my research on alopecia, and I don’t think that alopecia is what i have. I don’t get the tender red scalp or have any symptoms besides the bald patches every so many months.

  28. I am a 29 yr old female an a few weeks ago noticed a rather large bald spot behind my right ear an my hair is becoming very thin .. I recently lost around 65 pounds n about a 3mnth period I’m very worried any suggestion??

  29. Yea so i got this too. Everything was all good about 2 weeks ago i had no bald spots today my mom told me i have a small bald spot behind my head on my neck area. The size of a dime , i am 20 years old and very handsome i dont wanna go bald !! Im scared . I cant wait to see a doctor ill take the shots ill do watever i just want this spot to go away!!

  30. 3 weeks ago I got my hair lined and afterwards I was feeling the back of my head and had felt a bald spot in the lower center of the back of my head. its the size of a silver dollar. I thought it was a plug at first but then after my hair kept growing I noticed that the bald spot did not go away, it was completely hairless. I have heard it can be stress related and unfortunately I can probably say it is. If anyone else knows a way that can possibly help grow my hair back in that spot. I am a 24 year old mixed male. I don’t feel comfortable like this. Please help..

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