I am a 21 year old Male who up until a few months ago had no problem with balding. I was getting my hair cut relativly short and my hair dresser noticied I had a bald spot on the back of me head about the size of a quarter. I kinda ignored it figuring it would grow back but it has been about 5 months now and my hair is longer but the bald spot is balder then bald and seems to be getting bigger according to other people (as I cannot see the back of my head). I was just wondering what the cause for this is and if it can be anything serious or just stress related possibly? Thank You very much.

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Send me a photo of the spot you’re talking about so I can see what you’re referring to. At 21, you are relatively young for crown balding. I have some important questions for you:

  1. Is the spot in the center of the head where the swirl is located or is it off to the side?
  2. Is there still some hair present in this bald spot?
  3. Is there any balding or thinning any place else on your head?
  4. Do you have a family history of balding in the crown (back) of your head and if so, at what age did it happen?

A good doctor may be able to diagnose a possible cause, such as ringworm, alopecia areata, etc. There is not substitute to a good doctor’s examination for you. If this is genetic balding, you would want to get your hair mapped out for miniaturization, as genetic hair loss has patterns of thinning which appear before developing a bald spot.

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