Hydrocortisone for Hair Regrowth?

People have been using over the counter hydorcortisone cream (anywhere from 1% to 2.5%) on their scalps and reporting hair growth. What is your feelings on hydrocortisone use on the scalp?

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People report many things but verifying that what they report is true is another story. I have heard of hydrocortisone cream on the scalp, but there are no good medical studies to prove this grows hair and I suspect it might even hurt. Hydrocortisone cream can cause your skin to weaken and even potentially cause hair loss and make no mistake that medications put on the skin do get absorbed into the body. Long term use of topical cortisone can produce a variety of problems.

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2 thoughts on “Hydrocortisone for Hair Regrowth?

  1. Most likely people applying the anti-fungal cream have some type of fungus on their heads that is making the stem of the hair follicle break and making them appear as if they have less hair.

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