I started to loose some hair. I decided to buy some shampoo against hairloss and i found one at the pharmacies called ecrinal. On the box it says that it contains ingredients of lipidic nature that come from a gland located at the base of horses’ mane…tricholopids and A.N.P. So i’m wondering if this shampoo may actually be effective?

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Mister EdFirstly, please see my previous post about Mane-Tail-Groom. There appears to be considerable support for this product in Europe. But that product is for horses and some humans use it on themselves — what you’re asking about is a shampoo for men and women that has an extract from a horse mane, right?

Dr. Pak first reviewed your question and in researching it, it was obvious that he knew nothing about this family of products and he wrote: I do not know of any “tricholopids” or “A.N.P.” (I don’t even know what that stands for). Furthermore, I am not a veterinarian and don’t know what relevance a horse’s mane has to do with human hair growth. I am curious what would make a horse’s mane better than that of a lion, perhaps? Or what about a hairy monkey? More importantly, how did they get these “glands”? How many horses’ glands were sacrificed for the sake of hair? I wonder what Pamela Anderson would say as the spoke person for PETA.

I think Dr. Pak has a humorous writing style, so I thought I’d try get a smile from you by posting his response. The serious answer to your question is — I have no idea.

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