Can I Do Anything to Promote Facial Hair Growth?

BeardsDr. Rassman,
I am 19 years old and still cannot grow a beard. I grow a little hair on my chin and a little on my upper lip. I cannot have side burns or a beard, both of which i would love to have. Is there anything at all that i can do to promote facial hair growth? Vitamins, certain foods?

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I had a weak beard when I was 19 and freaked out on it. My father had a full, fast growing beard that I envied. Now I am like my father was and wished I had my 19 year old beard. It seems that we never really get what we want and if we do finally get what we want, we may no longer want it. Show patience and it will probably grow out as you get older.

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  1. I am 19 years old and still cannot grow a beard. I grow a little hair on my chin and a little on my upper lip. I cannot have side burns or a beard, both of which i would love to have. Is there anything at all that i can do to promote facial hair growth? Vitamins, certain foods? please mail me i m wait what i do. i m very sad.
    what i use i request you doctor plz help me .
    i can’t look handsome without beard plz

  2. Totally understand what you’re talking about mr agha, little or no facial hair can make the best of us feel insecure and illegitmate when in groups with men that can grow beards.
    The only thing i can reccomend, that actually does work when given a month or so, is a vitamin E pill twice a day. this really does work, so give it a try

  3. I am 35 years old and have a bald spot under my lip and down to the base of my chin. I can’t grow a goatee or a full beard. Sideburns, throat, etc.. no problem. But I can’t say, “by the hair of my chinny, chin-chin” cuz I got none. Nothing has helped (I’ve even put rogaine on it for a few months just to see and no luck). I just can’t grow a goatee and no one really wears mustaches anymore, do they? So I have to shave daily because except for that baldspot, the rest of my facial hair grows fairly quickly. As for the vitamin E, that didn’t help me either. I take daily vitamin supplements that contain vitamin E. I had heard about this so bought stand alone Vitamin E, took it for about three months. All I got was really yellow pee.

  4. am 23 years old and still cannot grow a beard. I grow a little hair on my chin and a little on my upper lip. I cannot have side burns or a beard, both of which i would love to have. Is there anything at all that i can do to promote facial hair growth? Vitamins, certain foods? please mail me i m wait what i do. i m very sad

  5. iam 15 years old i have a tiny bit of black hair above my lip, when will i develop side burns and a full muschetash. thanks for your time.

  6. I am 27 and I too can not grow a full beard. It’s horrible!!!
    I have been looking for many way to promote facial hair growth. If you have any luck…let me know. It would be swell to have a full beard.

  7. im 18 and have a fully grown beard :) i been shaving since i was 11 and its all good cuase i jus use da clippers 2 trim da beard on da sideburns 2 a certain level and den line it up da only 1 annoying thing is the hairs dat come on my neck have 2 rid of dem every 3 days its fucked up but yeah try shaving with the blade upwards and use aftershave lotion and da hairs shud grow out good luck

  8. I am 19 years old and i too can’t grow a beard only a goatee and a weak mustache,i want sideburns really bad i only have really light hairs on my sides and only one dark hair on both sides my father could grow a full beard i’am tried of waiting.somebody please anything

  9. Yea im 17 and can grow a beard, so yea HA,i started growin hair when i was like 11. I think its becuase im so MANLY, u know, im sexy… SAFE

  10. Hey mate im 17 and i’ve been shaving since i was 13 and i have a full beard but its such a pain in the ass to constantly shave it but i have an old remedy that worked for me. Take a bowl add some salt and warm water. Then rub the water onto ur face and leave it the whole night without washing it. Repeat this every night for 2 weeks and hopefully u see some results. cheers

  11. Growth of beard and moustache depends on the peripheral blood testosterone to estrogen ratio.IGrowth of beard may not be seen in some men with dermatological problems.If absence of facial hair in male is accompanied by other problems like less muscular development,less libido,erectile dysfunction then it may be hormonal in origin.

    If the following problems are not present in them it may be dermatological or due to other causes.

    Best way is to consult a physician. Testosterone patches are available for local use which may promote beard growth.

  12. I am 13 years old an shave my moustash i can grow a full moustash if i want and i have some under my chin and developing sideburns

  13. I actuualy found this by accident… after taking vitamin E pills once a day for about 3 weeks,,, I started seeing more hair in areas that i never grew hair, further up on my cheeks… im going to bump it up to twice a day and see what that does… give vitamin E a try if your having a problem growing facial hair!… GOOD LUCK

  14. Try Biotin. It is a B vitamin. Supposedly biotin, you can’t get too much of it, you just maximize it and then pee out the rest. Biotin is specifically for hair, and nails. I’ve only been using it for 1.5 months and notice a difference already. Don’t feel bad, I am 32 and just now thining I can grow a thin full beard. There are also some natural stuff you can take to boost testosterone. Try biotin, fish oils, ZMA, and vitamin E for a couple months and you should notice a difference.

  15. im 18 now but used to be able to grow a perfectly thick beard when i was 15 or 16, now theres some bald spots, what is causing this, and how can i get my beard to grow better

  16. I am 14 years old and wanting more chin hair. So i went to my towns dollar store and found a hair growth supplement called DOO GROW (Mega Thick),(Hair Vitalizer). I just rubbed it on whenever i wanted, normally 2 to 3 times a day especially before bed, and it’s almost been a week now and i’ve seen a lot change. I shave every 3 days or so also. So if you are wanting a cheap($5-$6) and reliable way to grow chin hair, i highly recommend this. Hope this helps!

  17. I am 18 and started growing facail hair at age 16 just on my chin well i just shaved more trust me everyone is different and it depends on you now i have my chinstrap going on! so i shave my chin and have a nice texture of side burns it’s awsome just try shaving more.

  18. I think you Americans should worry about the fact that you can’t spell instead of your scrubby redneck beards.

  19. I am 20 years old and have just started getting what I like to call the ‘Crust ‘stache’. Just a bunch of random hair on my upper lip that make it look like I was wildly eating oreos all day. I get a little bit of black hairs on my chin and sideburns area, but most are white baby hairs. It sucks. I want a beard.

    I have noticed though, my mustache is starting to come in fuller every time I shave. So pray at night for me to be able to grow manly facial hair soon.

    Man, once I can, I’m going to grow such a fat porno mustache.

  20. Windsor,Only a crooked-toothed limey would try to bash americans on a thread about freakin’ beards. wow. anyway, im 20 and was only able to grow considerately thick sideburns and neckbeard, so i tried taking both Vitamin E and Vitamin B bioten. after about a month i got some results. its worth a try

  21. Robbie, u realize u rubbed african-american lady’s hair care product on your face, right? as for the beard, try vitamin E for a month or 2

  22. Yes, i feel all of your pain of not being able to grow facial hair or even a side burn. I am 22 almost 23 years old. I’ve had a little goat-tee since my sophomore year of high school and it has never grown any bigger. every now and then i will shave it and it takes about two weeks to grow back. I’m just not sure what to do. I have never tried anything, as far as medication to promote growth but if anyone has some kind of suggestion, please let me know.

  23. hi.i am 21.i use to hav a full grown beard but i had an accident last i hav a small scar on my chin n there is no hair growing there.there are hair growing arund the there way to promote hair growth there?

  24. Hello dear.. i m 21 yrs old having no beard on my face. All my family members had fully grown their beards. Even my younger brother who was 18 yrs old, had fully grown his beards, but I am 21 and have no beards. I feel so much social embarrassment. Plz help me anyone. Plz mail me at:
    I will be very thankful if u tell me how to grow facial hairs!

  25. hello all beard seekers….arun…i’m a medical grow beard use vitamin E tabs twice daily for a month first and see the change.also take biotin i.e. vit B8.this can be done by taking B complex vit tabs.natural sources of biotin are-liver,green leafy veggies,egg yolk,whole grains.also u can apply fish oil on bald areas.apart from diet u must exercise cz dat’ll increase hit the gym right away.

  26. i am 28 years old and still cannot grow a beard. I grow a little hair on my chin and a little on my upper lip. I cannot have side burns or a beard, both of which i would love to have. Is there anything at all that i can do to promote facial hair growth? Vitamins, certain foods? please mail me i m wait what i do. i m very sad

  27. I also have patches in my sideburns.. I’m about to do a cycle of steroids to bulk up for summer, will steroids help fill it out?

  28. So i am 21 atm and am completely asian. i have been growing facial hair at a rather slow pace since i was around 14. however, after extensive research, i came across two products that when used in combination, yield you amazing results. this is no spam or anything cuz ive been there and done it and seen amazing results. i now have a full goatee growable as well as sideburns. now, my cheek areas are starting to fill in. SO heres the deal. Search online for these products; “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” and “100% Pure Emu-Oil”. Apply both products alternatively once or twice a day, preferably before you sleep. massage and lather these products into your skin for about 5 minutes to maximize absorption and blood circulation. taking vitamin E supplements would also add to this growth. Give this about 2 months and you should definitely see noticeable results. and whats great about it is that both products are relatively cheap. MUCH cheaper than rogaine, testosterone, and other hair growth products. TRY EM OUT PEOPLE n HOLLA AT ME!

  29. i have beard confined to chin and moustache, i mean i have beard like french type, but i want to grow full beard, that is on cheeks , tell me wat to do, plz mail me at, plz tel me,
    does, biotin and all available in india, and does they really help, m 22+ in age, plz any body helpp and reply on my mmail id……
    plz ,

  30. Has anyone else tried “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” and “100% Pure Emu-Oil”??
    ‘mule’ says that thats the way to go.
    would anyone else reccomend that?
    P.s I have been lifting weights and taking zinc supplements for the last month and have started noticing an increase in facial hair

  31. i’m 23 and have got thick hair on my private regions but have got none on my face. I feel embarassed when hanging out with my peers. i work out regularly. Pls i need some serious help, here’s my email ad HELP ME PLSSS!!!

  32. i am also suffering from the same problem em 19 yrs old n i have very small beard u cant see but i can feel by rubbing my skin n have little on my chin plxx tell me wat should i do to increase my beard growth pllx email me a

  33. IM in my 30’s and cant grow hardly anything IVe tried everything whale urine ,testicle glandulars even Minoxidil on my face (bad side effects)IM now going on on my 90 day vitamin E supplamenst and using jamacian castrol oil on my face. Il let you know my results

  34. Has anyone tried what Mule suggested? I am thinking of trying Jamaican Black Castor Oil and 100% Pure Emu-Oil along with Vitabeard. I have close to no facial hair, does anyone think this combo will have results or have any other suggestions that doesn’t have a lot of negative side effects?

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