Hello Dr., I am a African American male 19 yrs old that is having a terrible time with my hair and scalp. For about the past 2 yrs I have been developing bumps on my scalp, mainly in the back. The bumps come and get extremely sore and can be popped and are filled with puss. I also recently have been getting bald spots in my hair that scab up and then leave a bald spot. Have you heard of these symptoms before because I am in dying need. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, this sounds like a scalp acne type of problem or folliculitis that is recurrent. You need a good doctor to manage it. The bald spots may be the result of the infection from these ‘bumps’ you are talking about. You should wash your hair frequently and keep the sebum build-up down with more frequent washing, but you may need medical treatment if these are really infections that recur.

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