Sore Bumps on Back of Head

Hello Dr., I am a African American male 19 yrs old that is having a terrible time with my hair and scalp. For about the past 2 yrs I have been developing bumps on my scalp, mainly in the back. The bumps come and get extremely sore and can be popped and are filled with puss. I also recently have been getting bald spots in my hair that scab up and then leave a bald spot. Have you heard of these symptoms before because I am in dying need. Thanks in advance!

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Yes, this sounds like a scalp acne type of problem or folliculitis that is recurrent. You need a good doctor to manage it. The bald spots may be the result of the infection from these ‘bumps’ you are talking about. You should wash your hair frequently and keep the sebum build-up down with more frequent washing, but you may need medical treatment if these are really infections that recur.

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  1. I am having hair bumps on the back of my head. I am looking for a remedy that can cure the bumps.

    I would like to hear from your suggestion for hair bumps on the back of the head.

    I am hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Walter Eliance

  2. hey for the past 2 3 months i been getting hair acne fill will puss and it hurt when i touch it what can i put on it and what making behide my head is it something i am eating ? is tea tree oil is good for that ? help me please Dr William Rassman


  4. i too thought i was the only one. i haven’t found a good doctor in southwestern Arizona that could give me a positive answer on what was wrong with the back of my head. i hope that you could guide me in a way to get some help for my problem, for it is really embarrassing and i am tired of wearing a hat all the time to cover my “bumps”. hope you can help.

  5. i have bumps on the back of my head i dont know whtat this is from, can you help me with a cure should i go see a Demotaligist?

  6. hi some one anyone who have a remedy for bumps on the back of your head please share. for some time i’ve been getting these bumps on the back of my head.when i’m sleeping and wake in the morning they are gone.i go to work and sweat not that sweating has any thing to do with it,tey come name is jerry ,would love to get your input as would so many others.

  7. I sympathize with all the people who have posed the question about the razor bumps on the back of neck. I also suffered from the same problem until I went to a good doctor to address my issue. The problem is once these bumps appear and then close they are there and now you have to treat the problem internally and externally. Ask your doctor for Clindamycin. You have to take the antibiotic and also get the creme. You have to attack it at both ends. You cannot treat it from the outside with just antibiotic cream. Within days the back of my neck cleared up. Also was your hair with a medicated shampoo like Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders. Make sure they are the medicated ones and maximum strength. I suggest wash your hair first and let the shampoo sit in your hair while you shower so,that the medicated shampoo can set in. Trust me I have tried every remedy out there herbal and many more. This works!!

  8. This is my second time deployed to iraq, and my last time over here I started experiencing this problem with my head. It was only one spot, and then eventually after all the puss was released it went bald. Now my second time over here and it has come back with vengance. There are now three spots on my head, and the one just seems to be spreading more and more each week. Please help me because the doctors over here dont know anything.

  9. This may be a long shot since you posted your comment sometime ago but “Marquis – September 26th, 2008 at 11:39 am” Do you know the name of your medications?

  10. I have similar problems since 2 years now.
    i have tried few things and it works.
    Doctors are helpful to a limit, but to be frank friends, its just like common cold and normal acne, accept it that there is no permanent solution straight away.
    Marquis is very correct in illustrating the fact it should be attacked both internal and extrenal.
    1) In the beginning, Take the medicine -“Doxycycline 100mg”
    Once a day.
    2) Treat the scalp with Clindamycin Lotion.

    This will heal acne in 1 week or so.
    Now stop taking medicne and follow the following tips:
    1) It actually builds up if your body is building up enough heat, it pops out on your head.
    2) Drink as much water as you can, it works as a coolant.
    3) Regularly Wash your head.
    4) It might sound difficult, but avoiding sex/masturbating helps a lot, as you tend to generate enough heat while doing these activiies.

    Good Luck Guys
    I tend to follow all, except the last one :)

  11. Try this website to help with bald men head bumps. They have a 2part shaving system. It’s 2 goatsmilk soap bars. The 1st one exfoliates and you shave with it and the 2nd cleans and protects. Great stuff. Give it a try. SKY SOAP. Search it on facebook.

  12. I really need a Treatment Plan for these Bumbs… I’m a young african american male.. I’m 16, I go to school.. This really is embarrassing for me. I can’t even get my Hair cut… I just need these bumbs to go away.. THERE’S so many things i can’t do… I dream to play basketball, I can’t even do that cause of these Horrible bumbs.. JUST please, Please someone out there help me…. PLEASE :(

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