i have an area next to my goatee that is a smooth solid area. the area doesnt really look like the pigmentation is gone, just there is no hair. the areas that its spreading to will lose the hair that was once there. what is this? i have sent a picture of this with this blog, i hope you get it, and can tell me what this is. its worrying me.

It had spread very quickly for about 2 weeks, but has just stopped. I have been to a dermatologist yesterday, and he said he “thinks” it is alopecia areata, and gave me samples of a cream, pendazol or something. it’s a steroid, which im sure you know, and after one day of using this cream, I already notice I have white hair growing back. Hopefully this works.

Do you believe this is alopecia areata?

thank you for your help in advance.

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It is behaving like alopecia areata. A biopsy will confirm the diagnosis. The area may widen even further, may pop up elsewhere on the face or scalp, and may last for weeks, months, or years.

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