Kidney Stones and Hair Loss

hello doctor,
i’m a 27 yrs old Sri Lankan woman and have always had thin, fine and flyaway hair (no bald spots). In 2005, I went to Canada for a project and stayed there for a year. During this time, my hair fall was alarming. I came back to my home country in early 2006 and eventually learned that I had kidney stones, which could have been the reason for my hair loss. But that was a year back, and in the past 6 months I have become bald near the crown. I have been to so many dermatologist, but none are able to pinpoint a definite cause for my problem. One says it is telogen effluem, another says it’s just chronic dandruff, and an ayurvedic practitioner told me that it could be bcos of aggravated sinusitis. I am simply lost. Everyday I lost about 100 hairs. Please help… what should I do now?

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You need to be examined by an expert. I would doubt dandruff, kidney stones, or sinusitis as a cause. Sounds like you have a problem that under good medical care, a diagnosis can be understood.

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