I Have Hair Regrowing in the Temples

Got recently linked to your site, looks like lots of good reading for the next couple of weeks for me.

I just wanted to say that I am 39 and am a five year user of Propecia. My main point is that I have added Rogaine Foam, MSM and Niz shampoo since Xmas 2006 and have seen great results first behind my hairline, a bit in the crown, and now a bit at the temples. My crown is to the point where I can style my hair and hide the diffuse thinning. I’m hopeful in 4-6 months to have filled in the crown even more. I’m surprised to see hair regrowing at my temples. Only spot not showing much improvement in the exact middle of my hair line.

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If you are getting good response from Propecia and the routine you are using, stay on that track. Temple regrowth (temple prominences) is unusual, but I have seen corner and frontal hairline regrowth in a few people.

Also, I realize you included a link to a site full of photos, but to protect your privacy I removed the link before posting this. If you’d like to make this link available to the public, you can either post it as a comment here or send me a note and I’ll update the post. Thanks for sharing.

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