Bacteria on My Scalp

Dear Dr. Rassman:

I have been suffering for approx. six months with a bacteria in my scalp. I have been to a dermatologist and he gave me antibiotics for two months. It gets better then it comes back. My scalp breaks out and I am losing my hair a lot and it is very thinned out. The scalp is very itchy. I have been also using Scalpisin. It only gives me temporary relief (one to two hours only. My hair has been thinning and I have to have my hair up all of the time. I feel a crawling sensation too. Since my scalp is so itchy, I sometimes have to scratch. I wash my hands to avoid a rash of breaking out on my face.
Please help me.

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I would need to examine you to put the pictures together. We all have bacteria on the scalp and that is normal. What is not normal is what you are telling me about. Recurrent infections could be caused by aggressive pathologic bacteria and this can be cultured and with a good culture, it can be better understood.

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8 thoughts on “Bacteria on My Scalp

  1. I have almost the same itchy symptoms and the hair has thin out so much you can now see my scalp the dermatogly is just not oing it for me. Help

  2. My scalp on one side (R)has the very same symptoms. there is a very bad burning, stinging sensation that turns into a deep itch that is horrible. I have been to three dermatologist, scalp swap for fungus, bactaria and blood work drawn all negative for fungas or bactoria or any other systemic problems. The hair in this area is short and only grow short then shed down to a curly thin fuzz. yet it remains sore and tneder all the time. what can I do ? what is wrong? I was in a n accident at 17 and that side of my head hit the window, COuld this be a problem surfing later in life?

  3. Hi how are you??

    I had the same problem.. i would get really really itchy scalp
    and i had heaps of pimples on my head..
    i went on antibiotics for 2 months, my itchy scalp and pimples
    went away but when i stop using antibiotics, Evey thing came back. I lost heaps of hair during this time. But now i figured out what was wrong with my head. And i don’t have any of that stuff anymore.. I am a medical student. from my experience i am gonna give you advice, if you follow these steps for a month or 2 you will be fine..

    1.Trim your hair really short size 0, don’t shave it. Use clippers and trim it.

    2.once the hair grows to size 1 trim it again.

    3.keep trimming until you feel there is no itchiness..

    4. Use very light shampoo, try to find a shampoo which is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and other oils free. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate tends to dry your scalp a lot which causes itchiness.

    5. always always always use a conditioner with your shampoo.

    6. Only shampoo 2wice or once a week.

    7. when we masturbate, our scalp glands releases this oil, which bacteria feeds on it and increases in acne and itchiness and increase in De hydro Testosterone (increases your hair loss).. so when you sleep with your GF or WIFE or masturbate always make sure to have a shower or wash your head properly, you dont have to wash it with shampoo, only shampo once or twice a week.

    8. Don’t have shower with too hot water.

    9. Try to have Cholesterol free foods..

    10. Eat any fruit you can, eat eggs and chicken Brest or foods rich in protein, we need protein for healthy hair growth.

    11. Try having Olive oil.

    All the above may seem alot, but i promise you, you dont need any medications. Let your body take over the bacteria, by trimming your head you dont let the bacteria grow in your hair and with time you scalp tends to come back to normal.

    Remember to wash your hair after sexual activity, very important.

    keep me updated on this from :) goodluck

  4. And sorry one more thing..

    If you are body builder, don’t drink protein powders, try to have natural food for muscle building..

    They all say protein powders are natural But they are not, they just want to sell that stuff on you..

    alot of natural body builders have bald heads, because of the powders, so please avoid it and you will notice the difference

    email me if need help

  5. Hi, I have oily scalp, feel pain sometimes….my hair is dry. If i dont shampoo for a single day i feel very itchy, so what should i do??

  6. I had the same thing happened to me. I ended up having chronic lyme disease. So if you are still having that issue then I would definitely look into Lyme disease because that is a marker expecially the crawly feeling because that’s the type of bacteria that you will get and if you’re having trouble remembering and you ache all the time and feel fluish and consistently have a low-grade fever then I would definitely say you have it.

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