Dear Dr. Rassman:

I have been suffering for approx. six months with a bacteria in my scalp. I have been to a dermatologist and he gave me antibiotics for two months. It gets better then it comes back. My scalp breaks out and I am losing my hair a lot and it is very thinned out. The scalp is very itchy. I have been also using Scalpisin. It only gives me temporary relief (one to two hours only. My hair has been thinning and I have to have my hair up all of the time. I feel a crawling sensation too. Since my scalp is so itchy, I sometimes have to scratch. I wash my hands to avoid a rash of breaking out on my face.
Please help me.

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I would need to examine you to put the pictures together. We all have bacteria on the scalp and that is normal. What is not normal is what you are telling me about. Recurrent infections could be caused by aggressive pathologic bacteria and this can be cultured and with a good culture, it can be better understood.

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