Is there any reason to take Propecia versus the generic version. I have been on the generic for a 7 months and the balding has gotten worse (I am 23). Also, do you have recommendations for where to get generic Propecia?

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There is no generic Propecia available legally in the US. I realize other countries may manufacture finasteride in 1mg strength, but Propecia is still under patent protection in much of the western world.

There is a generic finasteride available in 5mg strength — any pharmacy should have it, provided that your doctor prescribes you 5mg finasteride. Some patients cut the 5mg tablet into 1/4ths to save money. There may be problems in cutting down the pill into smaller pieces and the partial tablets will have the problem of hydrating with humidity so do not cut more than one at a time (every 4 days) and keep it in a sealed container. Be sure that the company that makes it is legit and you are getting what you are buying!

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