(female) I have been taking nortipyline for several yrs (20+), due to migraine headaches. I also had 3 months course of accutane 6 yrs ago. I have noticed for the last 3 yrs a significant hair thinning/ hair loss around my temple, left side greater than on the right. Is possible this is due to accutane from 6 yrs ago side effect or the nortipyline? I have taken extreme measures to care for my hair, weekly shampoos and conditioners. Please help.

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If you stopped using Accutane 6 years ago, I highly doubt that it is the cause of your recent hair loss. Furthermore, before you consider your medications (nortriptyline) as the cause of your hair loss, you should explore other medical causes with your primary care doctor. Hair loss in women can be a sign of a medical condition (thyroid disease, anemia, etc…).

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