Rogaine vs ScalpMed

What is the difference between Rogaine and Scalpmed?

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ScalpMed contains minoxidil 5% solution, plus other stuff. Rogaine is minoxidil and comes in 2 and 5% concentrations. ScalpMed is far more expensive than over-the-counter minoxidil. If you prefer to pay more, the ScalpMed may be the better choice.

For more, see: Infomercial Evaluator – ScalpMed

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7 thoughts on “Rogaine vs ScalpMed

  1. scalpmed contains much more importantant ingridiants then minoxidil you should bring this to peoples attention there is really no comparision except for 5% minox

  2. scalpmed is NOT the same as rogain at all except for the fact that they both have minoxidil ive used a 2mts supply of scalpmed and i see the difference already! but by mistake i took your advice and bought a generic brand 5% minoxidil that is in the mail as we speak. i could only hope your right

  3. The only ingredient in Scalp Med that is proven to do anything for hair loss is minoxidil. Adding vitamins into the mix gives them the ability to market it as a unique product, but I don’t see any added value for treating hair loss. There are 2 FDA approved and clinically proven treatments thus far — minoxidil and finasteride.

  4. I use a generic Rogain product from Costco that, after 4 months, has worked for me. I definitely have my hair back, not all, but a substantial amount. A clear difference. I see the commercials for scalpmed and am interested as it seems to be cheaper, but am nervous to change if it’s not as good as Rogain … any comments here?

  5. Dont buy this product they take your money…..When you return their product they dont return your money back…Scalpmed are theift….

  6. I have tried Scalpmed and I find it leaves a heavy greasy look to my hair, I might try Rogain the foam is used only once a day. Has anyone had hair growth with Scalpmed? I find it messy.

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