Feels Like Something Is Crawling In My Scalp

(female) My scalp is alway itching and it feels like things are crawling in my scalp. I’ve been to a doctor and I think I need help from some other source. I have hair loss in several spots. I have used a lot of products and nothing is helping. Please help tell me what I need to use

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Many people want me to guess at what is wrong with them without at least some pictures. Seeing you would be ideal. You could have Ringworm, alopecia areata… and on and on. Get a good doctor and if you don’t get the answer from one, go to another. I am in California and would be happy to see you, but perhaps a local dermatologist would be much more convenient for you.

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3 thoughts on “Feels Like Something Is Crawling In My Scalp

  1. dr i have been suffering with significant hair loss for 3 years. then 4mnths ago baldness. i went the dermatology and they said alopecia. i insisted on a culture and the result was fugus. they gave me loprox shampoo and lamisil tablet but i have no relief from the itching in fact my scalp gets more bumps and the hair loss get worst. shouild i continue using the product.

  2. please help. There is something crawling in my hair. The doctors think I’m crazy but I’m not. I feel it. There a white lint-like deposit that are there eggs. my hair is balding because of it. I am most bothered by the pesty crawling at night. My two children ages 10 and 21 have visible hair loss as well. They don’t complain about crawling feelings but their hair is being eaten out. Something is eating our hair and I don’t know what to do. Please help us.

  3. OMG! Finally, someone else has the same problem! Everyone I tell about something “eating” my hair, looks at me like I’m crazy. I too have the lint like stuff that seems to be the problem. The other night I was looking at my hair in the mirror and 2 hairs of my bangs was moving and the rest of my hair was not. My husband also thought I was crazy so I called him in and now he believes me. I have been battling carpet beetles and was thinking maybe that could be the problem. I really need help with this also!!! If anyone knows anything about this please let me know!! Thanks

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