Generic Minoxidil vs Rogaine?

Hi, I had a question about the effectiveness of generic rogaine. My hair has recently been thinning (I assume as a result of genetics since my doctors can’t find any other reason). I noticed that the Wallgreen’s brand of rogaine is a lot cheaper so I’ve been using that. So far after 3 months I haven’t seen any difference. Do you think generic rogaine is as effective as the name brand (they appear to have the same ingredients)? Thank you very much doctor! I really appreciate it.

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The generic minoxidil and Rogaine do have the exact same ingredients. I do not see any difference between the two and their effectiveness should be the same provided that the concentration is the same, and they are using the same inert ingredients. The foam form seems to be better, because of distribution and penetration of the skin.

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2 thoughts on “Generic Minoxidil vs Rogaine?

  1. Good question! I’ve been pondering this for last 12-14 years of generic brand minoxidil use (mostly equate). I have saved hundreds of dollars, of course, in that time as the price is up to 40% lower for generic.
    I don’t want to point fingers at big name pharmaceutical trickery, but all I have to say is this—At 37 I still have plenty of hair up on top and in back while my two older brothers were totally bald up there by their early 30s (neither uses hair loss prevention/treatment).
    I am GLAD I’ve stuck with generic…even though as we all know…male pattern baldness largely doesn’t make a difference to anyone but ourselves!

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