Bald Spot The Size of a Quarter Just Found on the Back of Woman’s Head

Dear Dr.,

I am 23 years old and have had full thick hair my whole life. Recently when I was washing my hair I felt a bald spot on the back of my head close to the top of my neck. It is about the size of quarter. I have no other bald spots on my head nor is my hair hair thining anywhere. I have gone to get blood work done, and the have checked everything from my thyriod to the female horomone levels. Everything has come back normal except for my white count which came back at 13, which is just a little high. They still cant figure out what is going on. what do you think could be possibly going on?

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Infection (ringworm) and alopecia areata are just two examples of diseases that can produce what you’re seeing. You need to see a good, competent, and caring dermatologist.

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5 thoughts on “Bald Spot The Size of a Quarter Just Found on the Back of Woman’s Head

  1. I can relate to the above! Im 29 yr old women, no kids yet. I recently found a bold spot in the back middle portion of my head a little bit above my neck. I noticed this bald spot about four months ago. I have no insurance to get any test done. Im not in pain and I can hide my bald spot which is the size of golf ball with a the rest of my hair. I have kept a close eye on this spot and have noticed a few strains of hair in the middle of this bold spot, also I have noticed the spot to be smooth with a pinker color then the rest of my scalp.

  2. I am a 28 female,I woke up with a bald spot the size of a quarter,my hair seems to be shedding,just would like the best advise to prevent losing my hair

  3. i believe that what symptoms you are having i have been having for years. i have went to the doctor years back and was referred to a dermatologist who immediately said it was alopecia (which i was and still am skeptical of) and she treated it with needs in the scalp in the area of baldness. this was not to treat the alopecia but to get the hair to grow back. because i have had this for years, my hair will grow back on its own, but it will just appear in another area. right now i have 5-6 bald spots in different areas of my hair….some the size of the penny and others the size of a half dollar. i really am trying to research this because i do not think it is alopecia and want some help. i have been shedding long strands of hair and itching and its been years and i’m tired of it. the only thing that is funny is that when i was pregnant all the bald spots grew in and my hair grew long and thick and a couple of months afterwards….it came back with a vegence. if anybody has any information….please help!!!!

  4. I am 27 years old and have had thinning hair for about 10 years, maybe longer. I recently discovered a quarter size bald spot on my head. I am worried that i may loose all my hair. Also, my scalp has been really itchy

  5. You need to see a derm doc as soon as possible, this recently happen to me, I am now getting shots, and applying a gel he prescribed, I am hopeful, the main thing my doc said is not to dwell on it, as hard as that may be to do, stress is a factor a lack of Iron in your system – it will grow back, be patient, do what your doc says and try not to go nuts over it –

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