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I am taking Propecia along with Rogain. I just bought a new product called doctor lewenberg’s formula. it is 2% minoxidil with 0.025% tretinoin (retin-a). Will this product work better than monoxidil alone? also, I am using propecia and would like to stop because I believe it is effecting my sex life. Low ejaculate folume is my proplem. Do you think that stopping the propcia will help with that problem and do you think that the new minoxidil formular is better than minoxidil alone/ thank you.

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Dr Lewenberg's FormulaI receive questions like this almost everyday. I often find it amazing and humorous since people purchased these shampoos/formulas for treating their hair loss and yet then they ask me if the various products actually work. Sometimes these products are so overpriced and people are still hoping against hope that these will be the magical cure they are looking for.

I looked into pricing for Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, and their site says, “You will not achieve regrowth unless you use 10 bottles over 3 month period.” The “original formula” will set you back $300 for 10 bottles, while their “new and improved” stuff costs $350 for 10 bottles. Yes, it is priced higher than Propecia (an FDA approved and proven medication), yet apparently some people still buy this.

Retin-A produces irritation of the skin, a sort of light burn which is thought to increases the circulation as the body tries to repair the burn. As a result, it is theorized that blood supply to the scalp increases and any medications such as minoxidil (which is in Lewenberg’s formula) gets better absorbed. There is no firm conclusion on burn effect / increased circulation with Retin-A and I would rather use a higher concentration of the generic minoxidil (5%) and even Rogaine Foam 5%, which also has better absorption.

If you are having side effects from Propecia, you need to discuss it with your doctor that prescribed you the medication. In my opinion, Propecia is the best medical option for men with androgenic alopecia.

As I’ve often said, “It is a buyer beware market“. Just remember, there is no proof that any of these products really work (besides minoxidil and finasteride). For more about Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, see Hair Loss Help – User Reviews.

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