I Lost 80% of My Hair in 6 Months!

Hello Doctor,

I am 26 years old guy from India. I am facing a very severe hair loss problem. I have lost almost all my hair (about 80%) in just a gap of six months. Is this normal or there is something else behind this?

I have a very severe dandruff problem as well, the skin from the scalp keeps on coming like anything and no matter how freuently i shampoo, it comes back. I had jaundice an year ago.

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It is not common to lose 80% of your hair in only 6 months. I do not have the luxury of examining you, but it sounds like you may have underlying medical problems that are contributing to your hair loss. Your history suggests a severe liver problem (jaundice is not normal — it usually indicates problems with your liver) that could have kicked in the genetic elements of MPB on an accelerated basis). I would certainly see a physician in person for a full exam.

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