Constant Scalp Itching in the Crown

Hi Dr. Rassman,
I’ve scoured the sight and have not been able to find any relevant information to my question, thus i’m presnting it here. I’m a 24 year old male with early stages of MPB ( i wouldn’t even begin to try to give it a norwood classification) Though i plan on visiting you shortly, i was wondering if you’ve ever heard of anything like this: My scalp is constantly itching as if i have severe dandruff, but i have little to no dandruff at all. What makes this phenomenon all the more pecuiliar is that the itching is basically localized in the apex or crown of my head, primarily in the region that i’m experieincing the loss. Does this sound like anything unusual? Should i contact a dermatologist to receive more detailed information?


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When you visit your dermatologist, he/she can look at your scalp and determine if there is anything there. Some people say they get an itching sensation when they are losing hair, but there is no connection that I can make that link the two. Sorry!

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