Using Minoxidil for Those 65+ Years Old

The research for minoxidil is only up to age 65. Can people over the age of 65 use it for any benefit ? It seems Propecia is useful for older people. Please let me know. Thanks

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I believe that Propecia (finasteride 1mg) doesn’t work as well in men over 65 years old, because the hair loss from DHT with its associated miniaturization is usually less. Minoxidil, on the other hand, may work well in people over 65 years old, depending upon where you are applying it.

I have seen men over 70 that were put on the 5mg finasteride for prostate problems — and they regrew hair. I expect that this is unusual and I am certain that if they had a response to the 5mg dose, the same response for hair would have occurred at the 1mg dose. Finasteride is not unsafe for men over 65, but finasteride works well on men with a changing hair loss pattern, and men over 65 usually have a stable pattern.

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