T-Gel Shampoo and Hair Loss

I have a question about coal tar shampoo (neutrogena t/gel) and hair loss. I have used t/gel extra strength twice a week for years for my scalp condition (either seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, i don’t know) because it is the only one that completely rids the scales. I never responded well to Nizoral or other prescription anti-fungals. Recently, I came across a lawsuit online where a woman was suing Neutrogena for hair loss allegedly caused by T/gel. This hair loss was accompanied by a severe allergic reaction. Knowing that I am not allergic to the shampoo, do you think it is ok to use it without causing more hair loss? By the way, I am aware that they used T/gel in the Propecia trials, so Merck must not be too concerned about its potential to cause hair loss. Thanks for your help!

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What are you asking me? It seems you already know the answer, by the way you posed the question. If T-Gel works for you, great! If you don’t have an allergic reaction, even better!

If you are losing hair, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis including a miniaturization study. If you have psoriasis, then a dermatologist will be the best referral for you.

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