Exercise, Alcohol, Sunlight, and Hair Loss

Hi Doctor,

Although my hair is thinning, I still do have a relatively full head of hair. I have three questions:

1) I realize that it is not proven research from a credible source like the AMA, but I wanted to know what you thought of the following: (Prostate Problems)

“Changes in the level of several hormones are involved with prostate enlargement, but the key one is a version of the testosterone, known as dihydrotestosterone (D.H.T.). Reducing levels of D.H.T. reduces the size of the prostate. D.H.T. levels go up with alcohol (especially beer) consumption and with stress, and come down with zinc and Vitamin B6. Zinc also cuts down the rate at which testosterone is converted to D.H.T.”

Thus, can regular consumption of alcohol (including beer) contribute to MPB in your opinion?

2) Several anecdotal studies have found a relationship between aerobic exercise and hair loss. Do you think regular aerobic exercise could prevent MPB, or at least prolong it?

3) Is moderate exposure to sunlight a positive or negative if you have short hair (i.e. direct sunlight goes right through to your scalp) and you are concerned about MPB? Should I wear a hat to prevent sun damage or have my scalp exposed in order to soak up that natural vitamin D?

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DHT is partly responsible for prostate enlargement… and the prostate will often shrink by taking DHT blockers. Anything that increases DHT levels will probably increase testosterone levels as well, since DHT comes from testosterone and is a breakdown product of it in the metabolic pathway.

I found the link you sent quite interesting and probably true, but I do not believe that exercise can prevent or slow down male pattern baldness (MPB). As well, there has been no connection between sunlight and balding, but based upon all of the claims with using a laser to stimulate hair growth, if that was true then sun exposure would have at least the same benefit.

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