Castration Proves that Masturbation and Hair Loss Are Linked. Wait… WHAT?!

You have stated that masturbation has no effect on hair loss, However i cant see this being true. Castration prevents male patern baldness for people who are genetically predestined to go bald. This shows us that if our testes which produce sex cells enabling us to masturbate are castrated this cancels out testosterone inturn DHT and other androgens which may play a role in MPB. So if u no longer masturbate your ruducing testosterone and DHT dramatically. Which in a sense by not masturbating which castration prevents you from doing you are trying to create a castrated form. What i mean by this is that if i dont masturbate for a number of years i am helping stop part of the role that castration does. There is an undeniable link between masturbation and MPB, castration proves this by the fact that it stops us being able to masturbate proving that if we dont masturbate we will reduce balding dramatically (Or as far as not being castrated will take us).

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Apparently I’ve struck a nerve with the former chronic masturbators out there. When you search for “masturbation” and “hair loss” in most search engines, this site comes up pretty high on the list. While that is good, it leads to waaaaaaay too many emails from people wanting to tell me how masturbation and hair loss are linked, then trying to piece it together with some flimsy logic. Please, please, please think!

It is normal for men to have sex often — daily, twice a day, twice a week. We are all different with our sexual habits and routines. Having sex with a partner or masturbating is the same thing with regard to the way your body reacts. If you are having sex often (with yourself or another person), then that is normal. Hair loss and sexual activity should not be related, but clearly you believe otherwise. This is not the forum to discuss this and if you believe it to be true, then show me the connection in a well controlled study.

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26 thoughts on “Castration Proves that Masturbation and Hair Loss Are Linked. Wait… WHAT?!

  1. I RESPECT YOU A LOT.BUT truth be told,i disagree with you ,doctor.”YES,It is normal for men to have sex often “SO WHAT?it is not abnormal for men to lose hair.for some men,testosterone doesnt mean DHT,for others,it means DHT.SO,for some men,sex have nothing to do with hair loss.but for others,sex have something to do with hair loss.why do you object to that,i think you should use medical reasons.otherwise you should say you are not sure about it.

  2. Im 20 years old..I’m really confused with the fact that overmasturbate can cause hair loss…help me!!

    Anyway since the last few weeks i started masturbate 5-6 times daily..and then this is what happened,i start losing my hair dramaticly..and now i have big bald spot on my head…

  3. Sex does cause more hair loss for those who are already genetically predisposed to MPB. When I have a girlfriend, i get way more hair loss from all the sex. Also, I did an experiment: Masturbating up to 30 times a day and ejaculating 30 times a day made my hair loss very bad so I stopped. Maybe those who only masturbate 2-3 times a day will have no effect on hair loss, but when I get into masturbation mode, I do it 30 times a day and it has a noticeable effect.

  4. Im 19 and I started losing my hair last year. How come whenever I ejaculate, my scalp tingles or gets irritated? I believe that feeling has to do with DHT. I strongly believe masturbation has a relation to hairloss

  5. i’ve bn experiencin hair loss 4 yrs. hence i startd takin finnasteroid 1 mg daily to prevent dht on ma scalp. frm ma personal experience im tellin u guys who r genetically predestined to go bald not to masturbate or ejaculate pretty oftn. cause evry tym i ejaculate i experience more oil on my sclap n as tym goes by ma hair bcoms extremely oily unless i wash my hair wid shampoo. more hair fall follows afta dat. its our bad luck who suffers frm side effect of ejaculation. so ma advice to da guys lyk me to hav limited ejaculation if u want to hav ur hair 4 sm more tym :(. dnt lsn to da docs dy wont tl u da truth cos dy will want u 2 hav sex pleasure dat evry guys lov 2 hav since dy knw 1 day surely u gonna go bald as our genes coded accordingly sigh.

  6. all u guys out there,iv been thinking about this issue very much.its not a myth,its true,i think best explanation is by TOM on here..iv experimented with it,when i dont masterbate for 3 days,my hair feels strong and dense..and when i masterbate once or twice a day,my hair becomes weak and thin..i could tell right away when im looking in the mirror,there is noticeable difference..i think if geneticaly u are set for MPB,then masterbation will make ur body create more testosterone where part of it will be converted to DHT..i also beleive overnutrition like taking unneeded vitamins if ur a health freak like me,and proteins..overnutrition will help create more testosterone the body doesnt really need and thus dht,,iv seen poor beggers on the streets with one arm,who is very frail and thin that has a full thick head of hair,,im sure this guy doesnt thave the convenience of masterbating often and doesnt have overnutrition,just eat a little a day but enough to make him feel full,,after reading this site today,im 100%sure about the relation between masterbation and hair loss..although its hard,i promise from today to go for 30 days without masterbation and any sexual stimulation..and i will report back to u here on my hair condition!

  7. It boggles my mind how people deny this clear and simple fact, I won’t go into detail. I think most people, including doctors, don’t want to return to a time when masturbation was considered ‘immoral’ and ‘dirty’ and thought to cause hairy palms so they look you in the eye and seriously claim that men can masturbate 10 times a day and there are *NO* health risks involved in this whatsoever.

    It’s simple logic, really. Upon ejaculation, testosterone-DHT conversion is triggered. DHT is the hormone responsible for middle age balding. Genes don’t determine androgenic alopecia, DHT does. Some people are just more genetically sensitive to DHT than others are.

    The solution, if you want to prevent hair loss, isn’t to stop ‘bating or having sex, simply limit your ejaculation frequency to 2-3 times a week.

  8. You said, ‘Genes don’t determine androgenic alopecia, DHT does.’

    I guess you missed the news today involving the genes responsible for patterned hair loss.

    Like I said, some people are genetically sensitive to DHT and others are not but genes alone do not determine hair loss, behavior, cancer etc. Genes interact with environmental stimuli to determine behavior, cancer, hair loss etc. Castrated men don’t experience androgenic alopecia regardless of whether or not they have a genetic sensitivity to DHT!

    Before World War II, the Japanese had a primarily vegetarian diet (the only meat they did eat was omega three fatty acid- rich, wild seafood), with lots of soy, fruits and vegetables, brown rice etc. When red meat, dairy, refined foods etc. were introduced to Japan, hair loss and prostate cancer went up. Prior to this, hair loss among Japanese men was rare.

    For most people, hair loss could be avoided if they maintained a healthy diet consisting of water, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and fruits and vegetables in general ( and excluded animal products, refined foods and foods with hydrogenated oil ), exercised regularly, made sure to get enough sleep, took cold showers (warm/hot water is harmful for your skin and hair) and avoided stress. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether or not masturbation/sex itself raises DHT or just ejaculation. At, Dr. Lin seems to believe that DHT is involved in masturbation/sex itself, even oxytocin released in the prostate (though PC exercises)triggers DHT production. That sucks but it is what it is.

  9. -I haven’t read your first link but there is good reason to believe that there is a connection between between diet and hair loss, the evidence is overwhelming.

    – That the people at actionlove. com, etc. are trying to sell a product doesn’t necessary negate their claim, some of what they are saying (from what I understand) makes clear sense. What difference would it make whether erectile disfunction, hair loss etc. were caused by excessive masturbation/sex, couldn’t they fabricate some other cause and tout their product as the cure?

    Prolactin is released after orgasm (at least in men) and we know that prolactin lowers the dopamine associated with sexual excitement *and* triggers the production of 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Studies have shown that the effects of prolactin can last up to two weeks after orgasm ( I say this in case someone will respond that the hormonal shit orgasm brings is temporary and doesn’t raise DHT in the long term). All of this, I’ve gathered from 4-5 different sites that were *not* trying to sell a product but written by ‘mainstream’, professional doctors. Could there not *possibly* be a connection? It’s anecdotal, but SO many men claim that their hair loss (or acne) was made worse after excessive masturbation, really, why is this?

  10. They could fabricate whatever they want, but the masturbation/hair loss myth is very popular, primarily in south Asian countries (based on the amount of email I receive about it). Just like the myths that masturbating will make your palms hairy or baseball caps make you go bald (both of those are false, of course). Many companies go after the lower self-confidence of balding men and nothing talks louder to marketers than cold hard cash.

    Many men are looking for a reason for their hair loss. I’m not a psychologist, so I won’t attempt to take it apart bit-by-bit, but perhaps some men feel that if they can place some blame for their hair loss, they’ll be able to regrow it? The truth is, there is no evidence that any link exists. I’m a straight shooter and I appreciate the back and forth, but there’s no convincing some people (it’s not my job to do that), so I’ve got to wash my hands of it.

  11. “The truth is, there is no evidence that any link exists. ”

    Again, this isn’t an argument, it’s just a declaration without evidence. “They are wrong, it’s not true, never mind why”. Not many Western doctors take seriously the possibility of there being a connection, I haven’t found a single study done on the possible connection between over ejaculation and hair loss, poor mood, anxiety etc. It may be anecdotal but I find it hard to believe that scores and scores of men claim they experience hair loss, anxiety, health problems etc. after a lot of ejaculation, I cannot see how it’s “all in their head”.

    It is simple logic. 1) Orgasm = higher levels of prolactin released into the bloodstream. 2) Prolactin stimulates the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase 3) 5 alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. DHT = hair loss.

    I know that DHT is also produced during sexual stimulation because DHT powers erections, I’m assuming that this DHT is bound to the penile tissues and doesn’t affect hair, I’m not sure (maybe you could help explain that one for me). I also realize that high ejaculation frequency helps to prevent buildup of dead sperm which becomes carcinogenic and vulnerable to infection but that doesn’t negate any other health issues caused by low levels of dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine and high levels of prolactin as the result of excessive ejaculation.

    You still haven’t presented a satisfying argument to there being no connection with excessive ejaculation and hair loss and I don’t *want* to believe that there is a connection..

  12. Well,

    My personal experience has been similar, I didnt knew what masturbation is about 4 years back, when my frnd told me about it. Right now I am 21, and m facing MPB, coz I Masturbate a lot, about 15 times a week sometimes.

    People use to be jealous of my hair, they used to praise me for my hair being so beautiful..

    I dont hv any family history of genetic past has been clear of any type of baldness..

    My grandfather, is about 80 and has more hair then I am having right now, and so implies for my Dad who is 55 atm. On my Moms side, my Grand-Mom is having hell lott of hair on her head even my mom does with not even 1 single patch or sign of baldness..

    SO basically, even though said, it doesnt depend upon genetics, no i wont agree my experience is speaker louder here.

    Since past 4 years..m not doing good with my hair…and now, i have patches of hair on my head. Pure signs of MPB at age of 21.

    Well, can anyone here atleast give me information about some anti DHT drug…

    I just came accross this topic today and thought about posting my own exp.

    Guys, who are facing problem like me, kindly take antiDHT medicine and reduce the number of ejaculations.

    once again m requesting, sm1 kindly post like to some antiDHT drug here..


  13. alright guys,this my second post after a month,although i said i will not masturbate for a month,i decreased it a little and really wanst able to stop permanently,i did hook up atleast with 2 girls during that month,so it was 3 to 4 masturbations per week as an average..i also been showering my hair only with cold water,and i use low level laser hair therapy with handheld device..i can safely say that when i im sexually neutral for 2 to 3 days which means not only no masturbation but also no sexual stimulation,,the hair which is already there looks stronger and better,i cant really say that new hair sprouts out but the hair already there becomes stronger which gives a more denser hair is november 9,this time i plan to go to december 9 without any sexual activity whatsoever and ill post back with the results..if there are people skeptic about the link between masturb and hair loss,and u are having hair loss,,try this,just stop it completely for 1 month and see what happens,,also avoid exposing ur head to strong sunlight,wear hats,uv rays over long time exposure weakens the hair follicle

  14. Yes Rambo, now even I am going to experiment, my date begins frm 10th Nov, to 10th Dec, I would try to make ” NO ” Masturbations, or anything…

    Lets hope we get new hair too..


  15. Question is does ejaculation cause it or does masturbation? Cause I like boners and I guess I could without ejaculating as much.

  16. I think in a sense your both right!!!
    the people with genetic male pattern baldness who frequently masterbate will be effected on a much larger scale with there hair loss… now a person with out male pattern baldness would not. in conclusion if your diagnosed with male pattern baldness then it is defenintly possible chronic masterbation could effect your hair loss!!!….it makes sense

  17. Guys,

    Now its been a month…I have masturbated twic since Nov 10th ( I know I said agaisnt it, but hey, its less then my 2-3 times a day ). Still, I loose 5-10 hairs everytime i get move my hand in my hair…its so tremendous now…

    So Guys I would say agaisnt it, Masturbation, if has any, has very less effect or no effect on hairfall…its due to many other reasons, that I curse science for not cming up with medical answers…

    I am facing super solid thinning of hair, its not stopping, juts not stopping…

  18. hey guys rambo here again,,i was able to hold it for 7 days with no masterbating,its almost impossible to hold it for a i think it was 8 times in total for a month,,personally for me when i dont masterbate,my hair quality and strength gets better but never did i notice significant hair growth because of it,,
    and for Raj,its normal that u lose strands of hair everyday wether u have mpb or no hair loss,they will grow out back again..about masterbation,i suggest do no over do it,,once or twice a week is time this month i went for 8 days with no masterbation,then when i was sleeping i had a wet dream,,i guess ur body needs to get them out..

  19. Are you guys seriously still on this? Dr. Rassman has been studying hair-loss longer than most of you have been alive, he is a DOCTOR, he went to medical school, he knows what he’s talking about. DO all of you 20 and 30 year olds think you know what Dr. Rassman knows because you can do a google search? Dr. Rassman has controlled studies and medical journals that most of you wouldn’t even ben able to read. Seriously trust the doctor, there is a reason he has the highest reputation of all hair surgeons.

  20. there is a definitle link between masturbation and hair loss,,there are several factors that affect hair loss like malnutrition,stress,genetics mpb,external factors like sunlight exposure etc…so masturbation is one of these factors so stopping masturbation alone will not reverse hair loss,it should be a lot of changes..btw raj if u are still reading this,u need to buy a low level laser device from ebay,,something cheap like $60 to help stimulate hair regrowth,,theres a science behind hair regrowth,it is not just one thing that u do or stop doing,,its a combination of many things and commitment,,if u tore ur muscle ligaments in ur ankle,it will not return to how it was before if u dont exercise and stimulate its proper healing through physiotherapy,,same thing with hair,u have to stimulate its regrowth at the same where u have eliminated all the factors that caused it in ur life

  21. lol Dr. Rassman,you say that masturbation has no effect on mpb but then how do you explain that when i stop masturbation for 3 days,my hair feels and looks stronger and thicker and the longer i dont masturbat,the better it gets..but when i do masturbate,my hair looks and feels weaker and asked for a controlled study,im your controlled father is bald,my brother balded so im geneticaly set for mpb but using certain methods and limiting masturbation to a minimum,i seem to have some control over my genetic mpb..i think someday you will see that we are right

  22. There is a relationship between masturbate and hair-fall, now i controlled my masturbate, just twice in month and my hair-fall stopped by 90%. guys if you are new to masturbate just stop that. masturbate decrease your body stamina, if you can’t control you masturbate drink 500 ml of milk daily, and do cycling or any other stamina increasing exercise, like football and mountaineering.

  23. I have hair loss so I would like to ask a few questions.

    How often do most men masturbate?

    Does touching your penis cause DHT or do you have to ejaculate?

    Do you have to be Vegan to stop hair loss?

    Why do we have these “bad” genetics and some don’t?

    Is there any kind of “genetic therapy” we can use?

  24. Dr. Rassman,

    I’m not sure why you feel it is appropriate to simply dismiss this possible correlation as a “myth”. Isn’t an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence worth taking a second look?

    Wow, just wow.

  25. Even I have to admit that masterbation has harmful effects on hairs…i would like to advise u guys to stop this…it will make u bald one day..m not saying u guys to stop it completely but limit it to an extent that it doesn’t harm your hairs in any sense

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