Why Do I Have Gray Pubic Hair?

I have noticed 2-3 grey pubic hair, why is it happening? will all my pubic hair turn grey. My age is 24 and i am a female. will cutting grey pubils hair be safe?

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In general, women start developing gray hair at around age 35, though this is dependent on your genes. Melanin produced by each hair follicle is what gives hair its color, and this is affected by genetics. I would not stress too much about this. Gray hair anywhere on your body is a genetic process and there is nothing to do to change the color — other than to dye it, cut it, or pluck it.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do I Have Gray Pubic Hair?

  1. Hi..I am 28 and i freaked out when i saw my first gray hair down there also.. but my friend introduced me to this great company called http://www.bettybeauty.com and they sell pubic hair dye! It is totally safe made with natural ingredients and it covers ALL the gray! I am so happy and thankful that i found it! You should look into it also!

  2. Sometimes going gray at a young age could be a sign of certain health issues, but for the majority of cases it’s all about genetics. Unless your family typically keeps their natural hair color until late in life, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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