17 Year Old Concerned About His Hairline (with Photos)

Dr. Rassman,

I am a 17 year old male concerned about hairloss. I have not noticed any receding or thinning or extreme shedding or any typical symptoms of hairloss. However, I have always had a very high hairline ever since I was 2. And from the front my hairline looks like a U shape when I pull my hair back. However, as you can see from the pictures my hairline lines up perfectly even with the side of my hair and does not go farther back like the diagram of the “receding” hairline does. I just want you to tell me if my hairline is a receding one or if it is the normal mature hairline that 95% of all caucasians get. What do you think? I have always and still do have a very thick head of hair, I just need to know if you think my hairline is abnormal or balding, or does there appear to be nothing to worry about. PLEASE Respond. YOU MAY USE MY PICTURES ON YOUR SITE!

Thank YOU SO Much!

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Thank you for your permission to post your photos.

A high hairline at your age is most likely genetic and not a sign of hair recession or balding, particularly since you’ve had it since childhood. If you look back at your family tree, you could probably find someone in the family (either side) with a similar hairline. If you are happy with your hairline and there is no sign of hair loss in the area immediately behind it you don’t need to do anything. If you are unhappy with having a high forehead or you think the appearance of recession make you look older, you can treat it with either a hairline lowering procedure or hair transplants — but these solutions are not for a 19 year old male who may bald as he matures. This restriction does not include women.

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  1. I also have the exact same hairline, Im 25 and I feel as if some day I will look like Fredo from the Godfather.

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