How Can Hollywood Actors All Have Such Great Hair?!

It seems very unlikely that 90% of the actors in hollywood would have full heads of hair. For some it seems that their hairlines are still similiar to teenagers and the others have a thickness to their hair that is almost unreal. I just can’t believe that so many of these celebrities could be so lucky. My question is what percentage of these celebrities would you estimate have ever used propecia, and/or have had a hair transplant?

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Jason StathamI don’t know how frequent balding is in Hollywood actors. We know that people with hair generally get jobs easier and that may apply to actors, as well. Also, not everything you see is what it really is. That’s the magic of Hollywood. Actors have images that they have to maintain, and when they start balding many actors will use a topical camouflage such as Toppik or even a hair system (like the type John Travolta has been seen with) to keep the particular look they are known for.

On the flip side, there are what seems to be a growing number of major actors letting their natural balding looks prevail; action stars such as Bruce Willis and Jason Statham (see photo), for example. Of course, the list goes on and on.

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