I Have Hairy Shoulders, Back, and Chest — Will I Have MPB?

Hi Doc. I have a few questions regarding male pattern balding and hormones.

  1. I obviously have a lot of DHT as I am 22 and have hair on my shoulders, back and chest and had bad acne growing up. Does this mean that I will be more susceptible to MPB?
  2. I have a widows peak that I inherited from my father. He is in his 50’s and the only extent of balding happened before his mid twenties that resulted in a pronounced widows peak. Does this mean That I will probably follow his pattern? if I have more DHT that he does is there a greater chance that I will have more balding…or is your pattern of balding predetermined…regardless of the amount of DHT you have.
  3. I have noticed miniaturized hair falling out every once in a while, they are thin but still as long as the rest of the hair. Does this always mean MPB or does some hair naturally miniaturize. (could other scalp conditions cause this, such as dermatitis)

I appreciate any info you can offer regarding these questions. Excellent site, keep up the good work.

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  1. Having “lots” of DHT does not necessarily mean you will have MPB. You need to have the gene for MPB. Just having hairy shoulders, back, and chest does not necessarily mean you have “lots” of DHT either.
  2. You may or may not follow your father’s hair pattern. There is no way to tell for certain.
  3. Miniaturized hair does not necessarily mean you have MPB. Men with MPB have miniaturized hair in certain “patterns” — thus, the term male pattern baldness (MPB).
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3 thoughts on “I Have Hairy Shoulders, Back, and Chest — Will I Have MPB?

  1. So is it possible to have a lot of chest, back, leg, arm, facial hair and have low levels of DHT? Seems contradictory.

  2. Hello i am thirty years old and i am of scottish and german ancestry. I started growing hair on my chest when i was 13 or 14. Now my father was hairy but i think i’m probably vie as the hairiest person in my family. I study myself in the mirror and note that some of my chest hairs are up to four inches long and i have very soft chest hairs. In front the whole front of my body from my neck to my stomach is covered with hairs as well as parts of my back, upper arms buttocks and shoulders. So what i would like to know , how long can a strand of hair get? will i get hairier as i get older, and will it get thicker? I know that heredity plays a big part of myself having a carpet on my chest. Also does ethnicity play a role in my body hair. Is it true that scottish men are very hairy as well as german men?


  3. I am also Scottish, I am a bit older than you at 66.The hairs on my chest started to grow as very small hairs at about the same age as you. Hairs on chest do keep growing as you get older. At 30 my hairs were also about 4″ long, by 45 they were 5″ I noted that between 45 and 66 as I am now, my chest hair growth was a bit slower, but it did not stop growing altogether, just for this letter I measured the length of my chest hair, the longest hairs are about 5 and three quarter inches long, but the majority are just over 4″. I also have long and thick shoulder hair, this extends down from my very hairy neck. I have to shave my neck every 2 weeks, its so thick that if I did not, I would feel rather uncomfortable.

    As far as the reputation of Scotsmen being hairy, I certainly live up to that, and so does my son, however, my father was not as hairy as me, in fact I think he was a little envious of his son, I know I would have been if my son was hairier than me.

    I did read somewhere that Scotsmen were hairier than say English, Welsh or Irishmen, but quite honestly I am not sure about that.

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