Why Was I Born with a Bald Spot?

I am a 28 year old woman that was born with a bald spot in the middle of the back of my head. Do you know what may have caused this? And do you know how I may be able to fix this? I never wear my hair down because of it and it’d be nice to. Thanks!

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I really couldn’t tell you why you have a bald spot on the back of your head. The bald spot may just be a birthmark or it could have been a result of trauma when you were a baby. I do not know. If you want to address or fix the bald spot, you can consider a hair transplant.

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12 thoughts on “Why Was I Born with a Bald Spot?

  1. i have the same thing and my mom said i was born without skin there. idk how you would fix it cuz i like it, its a good conversation piece.

  2. I have a bald spot to and hair has never grown there. The doctors did testing on me to try to prove I was fron a different planet like an alien or something. Hah! How stupid I know. Good luck with your spot!

  3. I have the same spot on the right side of my head for 28 years. It has been very traumatic. People thought I am possessed.I hope there is a successful way out. Good luck.

  4. I have had one since birth…about the size of a quarter…bit bigger above my right temple….
    It is not a inconvenience to me except when I go to the salon..it is embarrasing. Other then that…no one know about it. My hair covers it up ok, I just have to be careful in the wind…

    So annoying…I dont know if I would ever go through a hair transplant to fix this.

  5. i have the same exact thing on the middle of the back of my head also about the size of a quarter its like a diff. color though my mom said when i was born their was some hair but the doctors tested it to see if it was cancer or something and theres not one little strand of hair there now. i’ve never been able to wear my hair down either and i cant stand it. i’m looking into getting a hair transplant now so i say go for it!
    i wish you the best of luck with everything

  6. I have the same bald spot on the side of my head. It’s caused at birth by the doctor using forcepts (like salad tongs) to pull you out of the vagina. My mother was nearly unconcious when I was born so the doctor used forcepts to pull me out. thats how the bald spot happens. It’s embarrasing for sure. I can’t ever wear my hair short, and I’m interested in joining the military. Guess I’ll just tell people I got shot in the head! At least that would explane it! Ha Ha.

  7. My daughter is almost 10 years old and has a bald spot on the top of her head. The dr’s say it is scarring and it happened in the womb. The only way they can fix it is to put a balloon under it and fill it with water once a week to stretch the skin and after about 8 weeks, I think, they will take out the balloon and they will cut off the scarring and stitch it back up, then hair will grow. They say the best time to do this is either when she is 4 (before she goes to school) or when she is older. I want my girl to be able to wear her hair however she wants and not be made fun of. What to do?

  8. I’m 34 and had the surgery as a child and am glad my parents chose to do it. It has not completely gone but is so much smaller. My patch was round and a few inches in diameter. I think I know I had 2 operations so I guess one was to stretch and the other to remove skin and restitch. I could have had another at 17 but didn’t really feel it necessary. I couldn’t have short hair and I have no crown but my hair has always been long and fell nicely despite it all. Just thought this might help but I am glad my parents did it for me :)

  9. I have three of these bald spots on my head at the crown. One has recently become very irritated and scabby. I am 60 so this is the first time I have had this type of thing. They have been the bain of my life, I wish my parents had got them fixed and I am sorry that I didn’t do it when I was younger. I think I will go to GP and ask his advice about this because for the past 60 years I haven’t even had any feeling in them.

  10. Im 22 years old i was born with 1 spot on the back of my head the size of a quarter and 2 smaller ones on the side, when i was born the doctors kept me n the hospital to run test but didnt find anything, he said whenever im 18 i can have surgrey to pinch it together to make it a line instead of circle but never did anything about yet. My hair is very long, i pull it back to hide it, but im tired of wearing it the same way; i would like to wear it down. I’ve noticed my hair is getting thinner do you think it can be caused by the spot or from me fixing it the same way? Do you think i should try a hair treatment or a hair transplant? Please help…thanks

  11. I had the same thing. Went to dermatologist and she gave me this really long name that I cant remember the name of, but she removed it. They cut it out and stitch it back together. It was almost like having a very mini face lift. haha. It did grow back and each time I’ve had it removed. The reason for removing is because sometimes it can turn cancerous. Each time she has removed the skin she had it tested. Wish I remembered the name. I swear when I had mine removed it was the biggest relief in the world. I had always been so worried someone would see it.

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