Today Show – A Cure for Baldness?

There was a segment on the Today Show today about research involving scar tissue in mice, stem cells, and hair follicle neo-genesis at the University of Pennsylvania. You can see the video clip on the Today Show website. The Today Show medical expert claims that something will probably be on the market in the next few years. The new hair on the mice is white and appears to be very fine relative to the natural/original mouse hair.

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I found the video you’re talking about on the Today Show site — here. Unfortunately, I have no real information on this outside of what the references say. I won’t hold my breath for a treatment anytime soon, but I’m not purposely trying to be a naysayer here. It’s just that I’ve seen many “breakthroughs” over the years that have gone nowhere. Let us hope!

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2 thoughts on “Today Show – A Cure for Baldness?

  1. The doctor was pretty confident when saying that we could see this treatment on the market in the few years. Do you know who she is?

  2. I am afraid this is just another hoax, otherwise, why would there be so much controversy and rediculous legal battling. Believe me, there are enough balding heads out there to make everyone rich. This is about money and I don’t believe there is really a solid remedy, just strategies to gain monetarily. I wish it were different, truly

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