Dr Rassman,

As part of your occasional series discussing the hair jobs of celebrities, could you take a look at this (rather unflattering) article on Sylvester Stallone in London’s Daily Mail?

Link: Daily Mail

In short, he does look very good for his age — until you check out the closeup of his hairline. In your opinion, what technique is responsible for that restoration job?

Thanks for your time

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StalloneYikes! What I see in the link you sent appears to be a harsh hairline. Even with the limitations of the photos, I think I am able to see some of the older type of work, some large grafts mixed with smaller grafts — so in my opinion he looks transplanted. I have no firsthand knowledge and am basing this on Mr. Stallone’s appearance in this photo. The older (and larger) grafts are relatively easy to detect and reflects more than one surgery, one of which may have been done years ago, prior to the advent of the modern Follicular Unit Transplant technique that we defined in 1997 in the published literature (see links below).

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