Whey Protein and Hair Loss?

Dear Dr.Rassman,
Has consuming whey protein have anything to do with increasing DHT or accelerating the hair loss process/MPB?? I am a 26 year old guy from India and have hair lost only at the frontal temple areas while whenever I wet my hair i can see it thinning at the front. I am currently taking finax 1mg for the past 1 month. Do you suggest I take minoxidil along with it.

Thank you

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I doubt whey protein is causing your hair loss. Finax is a generic version of Propecia (finasteride 1mg) sold in India by Dr. Reddy’s Labs. If you’re taking this, I’d hope that means it was prescribed to you. Nevertheless, you need to see a doctor to get the correct diagnosis. Don’t forget, the most common cause of frontal temple hair loss in young men is genetic balding. I wouldn’t look to whey protein as the problem, as it is more than likely your genes. You’re doing the right thing by taking the finasteride. I’d say that you should just be patient and the finasteride will at least stop the hair loss if not regrow some of the hair, especially in someone as young as you (about 30% chance of regrowth and 95% chance of slowing or stopping the hair loss). I would stick to the finasteride (per your doctor’s advice) and hold off on minoxidil for the first year to see what happens from the Finax.

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5 thoughts on “Whey Protein and Hair Loss?

  1. I am 24 year old guy & i am going to gym since last 7-8 month s. I want to start taking whey proteins for more power during workout so that i can lift more weight. I want to know do consumption of whey protein causes hair loss. Also please tell me will the thickness of my present hair will increase??

  2. I have been working out the last 1 yr. I take a lot of Whey protien, Nitric Oxide [NO2], Creatin, Amino Fuel and CLA Fuel. However, i used to have thick hair and suddenly lost a lot of hair and am getting like a horse shoe. All the above products are FDA approved and mostly EAS products. Are they causing my testosterone to increase which is probably reacting with my hair Enzyme and causing DHT further reducing my hair? Could this be happenning and can you please help suggest what i need to do. Thx

  3. I personally do believe that as heavy lifting increases testosterone, more DHT can only serve to mean less hair for us with unfortunate genetics.

    Whey protein in and of itself contains nothing which should cause hair loss, though it’s not unknown for some supplements marketered as natural products to contain what absolutely are anabolic steroids of various types.

    You just need to be careful. Check the ingredients on any whey protein you wish to buy and make sure you understand what those ingredients are.

  4. hello everybody,
    whey is not the cause of your frontal hair fall. its your genes which are responsible for your frontal baldness. whey may increase your speed of getting bald(in few cases). but i will suggest u all stop worrying about baldness, u will be bald sooner or later. so do your workout eat good & stay fit & look superb.

  5. Please check your commercial preparation as with whey protien they at times also contain Anabolic steroids (which is never mentioned). And they are well known to cause hairloss.

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