Am I Over-Shampooing?

Dear Dr. Rassman,

Iam 24 years old male and iam suffering from hair loss…but its not balding or receding hair line..I have very dry hair since I’ve been shampooing almost everyday for the past 4 or 5 years without knowing its consequences. Strange thing is that my loss is on the sides of my head and this has been more vigorous as i had to travel from one country to another and right now iam in a very hot and humid country..Am i suffering from hair loss or is it just the case of over shampooing and place shifts?..thank you in advance

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Humans have asynchronous hair growth, which means that we do not shed or react with climate change (in theory). The hair loss on the sides of the head that you’re experiencing is not usual male pattern baldness, and you will want to get that examined by a doctor. That being said, washing your hair daily or even twice daily will not cause hair loss.

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