White Bulb vs Darker Bulb on Fallen Hair

Hey Doc,

What exactly are those white ‘bulb’ sort of things that are at the tip of hairs that fall out? Most of my hair that fall out have that white bulb sort of thing. What are those?

Also, somewhere I read by a noted hair doctor that a white bulb means that the hair fell out in it’s growing phase, whereas a darker bulb meant that the hair was already grown or such. Is that true?

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The white bulbs are likely sebum, a remnant of your oil gland that happened to come out with your hair. The darker bulb just came out without the sebum.

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  1. Hey there, im a 26 year old male and frequently get a flare up of serboheric dermititis with which i lost around 50% of my hair all over, This was diagnosed with my doctor and he gave me cortisol steroids for the scalp, i also tried nizoral and tgel. This didnt really help and i have found the only thing that is helping is rotating through about 3 different shampoos every 2-3 days. 6 months down the line, my hair is back to around 75% and most of the week my scalp feels natural but there are some days when i am away that i dont get chance to wash my hair and it becomes really greasey itchy and thin looking.
    Is there or will there be any way to get my scalp back to its natural low maintenance status!
    many thanks

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