HVT Dietary Supplement Claims to Stop Hair Loss and Restore Thinning Hair

Have you heard anything about “HVT” from New Health Products in Brewster, NY. Their propaganda reads like many dietary supplement products: stop hair loss, thicken hair, regrow hair. Most of their “so called” testimonials primarily mention “fuzz”. I have used other products before that have given me more fuzz, but the fuzz never matured to “typical adult scalp hair.”

I did search your archives. I could not find anything using your search. Using a google search brought me to your blog in the first place. It found one message asking about HVT in the middle of a thread for a different product and the HVT question did not seem to get answered. (The person should have probably asked the question separately.)


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Some of the vitamins and minerals that are used in this product are things that I take daily (like folic acid), but I do not see any evidence that this has any value for treating hair loss or regrowing hair. You are right to call it propaganda. A lot of hype without proof.

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