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Dairy causes hair loss. Inuit and Native Americans have no MPB at all, and dairy is not a part of their diets. Only when they start eating dairy and become westernized can they become susceptible to hair loss. Same with Asians. If you don’t believe this check this out. My mom’s dad had hair until he was 85 when he died, and was lactose intolerant. My uncle (mom’s brother) also has all his hair at age 60, and grew up in the same household as my grandfather. I’m 1/8 Native American from my dad’s side (he is 64 and is 1/4 Native American and has slight hair loss) and my hair is slightly thinning (but my hairline is the same). I have a feelign the dermatoligist could’ve made an erroneous opinion, but nevertheless, it could be right. And I am a big time natural gym rat, and I drink milk products like it’s my job. Everyday. You name it. Milk, cheese, pizza, whey protein, yogurt, etc. And I have 3 older brothers, two of which have no hair loss and hardly take in dairy, and one of which has slight thinning (according to me) and drinks milk like it’s his job. I am on minoxidil and omega 3 fatty acids, and am starting saw palmetto and also I stopped dairy products as of yesterday. And if you still don’t believe me check this out. My mom has a twin sister, and that sister has a son, who is 34 (I’m 24). He has no hair loss at all, and guess what, that’s right, he’s lactose intolerant. How do ya like them apples now?

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Email from same reader:

Let’s say there is a risk of hair loss directly associated with dairy consumption. If this is theoretically true, does this mean that if we stop dairy consumption the dormant hair follicles may grow more hair? Also, is the hormone problem in milk the same as the hormone problem in chicken and beef? In canada they banned growth hormone almost 10 years ago and, assuming most people there eat either chicken or steak, I haevn’t heard of a significant decrease in male pattern baldness.

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DairyYou raise some interesting connections with dairy products and diets in general that might be worth investigating. So while there may be some connection with dairy or diet and hair loss, I am afraid I can not tell that from your family history alone. In fact, your family history isn’t exactly proof — I’ve had lactose intolerant patients that are still obviously balding. Your cousin likely doesn’t have the hair loss gene expressing itself, meaning he dodged the genetic bullet on that. Or his hair loss may just show up late in life, although that is rare.

Thanks for the stimulating comments. I loved your questions and enthusiasm, but I won’t go so far as to say that dairy and hair loss are linked — just that it needs to be investigated in a scientific way.

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