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I’m a 34 male. I’m a non-smoker, very moderate drinker, healthy in every respect. I have lost almost all hair on both of my calf muscles. I’m not excessively hairy, but I do have a full head of hair. This hair loss is the cause of some embarrassment. Now, interestingly my father (62) has the same condition, though a lot more advanced. His legs are totally almost bald! My younger brother (32) has no signs of such loss. But like my father he has experience a good deal of head hair loss. I’m puzzled. And help that you might be able to offer me, would be enormously appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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It seems like you have inherited the same gene from your father. The process of apoptosis (cell death) is genetically programmed in hair follicles. See Wikipedia for more on this.

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