My Leg Hair Just Disappeared — My Father Has the Same Condition

Hello there,

I’m a 34 male. I’m a non-smoker, very moderate drinker, healthy in every respect. I have lost almost all hair on both of my calf muscles. I’m not excessively hairy, but I do have a full head of hair. This hair loss is the cause of some embarrassment. Now, interestingly my father (62) has the same condition, though a lot more advanced. His legs are totally almost bald! My younger brother (32) has no signs of such loss. But like my father he has experience a good deal of head hair loss. I’m puzzled. And help that you might be able to offer me, would be enormously appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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It seems like you have inherited the same gene from your father. The process of apoptosis (cell death) is genetically programmed in hair follicles. See Wikipedia for more on this.

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2 thoughts on “My Leg Hair Just Disappeared — My Father Has the Same Condition

  1. I’m 32, i have the exact same problem, i now have no hair on either of the outsides of my calves. I looked at pictures from high school and i had much more hair on my legs then. I have not found a cure yet, but i may be from dry skin and the hair rubbing off, but not sure, i’m tempted to just shave them completely to make it uniform.

  2. Dear guys with disappearing leg hair,

    Please, please, please start self-treatment for Type II Diabetes immediately, if not sooner.

    I am the wife of a man who started losing his leg hair in his early thirties, just like you. By the time he was in his mid-forties, he had full-blown type II Diabetes. His condition does not respond to either Lantus, or pills. He just gets worse . . .

    At one time, we found a medical doctor’s website that discussed disappearing leg hair on males as a little-known early symptom of developing Type II diabetes. Unfortunately, that site disappeared (or my husband wiped that system hard drive so we could and cannot find it again).

    We even spent major dollars to send him to an endocrinologist (SP) to see what was going on, but no one seemed to get the connection. As far as I know, no medical doctors around here seem to know about disappearing leg hair as an indicator of early type II diabetes, even as noted above.

    If I happen to be incorrect, changing your diet to low-gluten and increasing your excercise certainly won’t hurt you.

    BUT, if disappearing leg hair is an early indication of pre-Type II diabetes, you might just be saved from getting the full-blown version, which is debilitating and painful.
    How I wish that someone would have told us about this little-known fact years ago.

    best to all and stay well

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