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As a faithful reader of your excellent blog, I wanted to pass along some (hopefully) useful information to your readers. I have been taking Propecia for 6 months now and have been VERY pleased with the results. It has strengthened and increased the hairs on my crown and even some in the front hairline! About a month ago I noticed that my hair was becoming thinner, and I was seeing more hair come out in the shower, and seeing more scalp than normal. After looking into what might be causing this change, I realized that I had been taking Lorazepam on an almost nightly basis during this period. After realizing this, I stopped taking Lorazepam completely and saw an almost immediate return to healthier, thicker hair. I understand that many factors vary from one individual to the next, but I think people should be aware of the negative effects that I experienced with Lorazepam.

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Thanks for your comments. Perhaps other people will have had similar results to report. Lorazepam (also known as Ativan) does list hair loss as a possible side effect. I’m not suggesting that readers discontinue any medication without consulting their prescribing doctor first.

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