UV Rays on the Scalp

Dear Dr,

I am having UVB treatment for chronic eczema on my body. Should i be protecting my scalp from the UV rays? The sessions are short and only 15mins max. Right now i am on 54 seconds.

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AustraliaUV exposure does impact the skin. Dr. Richard Shiell in Australia believes that he gets less hair growth from transplants on the right side of the frontal hairline in his patients due to sun exposure from those who do a lot of driving. In Australia, they drive on the left side of the road and therefore get more sun exposure to the right side. If he is correct in his observation, UV exposure can damage the skin. There are two areas of potential damage:

  1. To the skin and the growing parts of the skin
  2. To the blood supply of the scalp

At the dose you are taking, it may not be a problem, but I would check with your doctor and find out from the source.

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