I Read that Propecia Won’t Work In the Hairline

I been reading that Propecia doesn’t help on receding hairlines. But what does that mean? Does it mean if you are a NW2 which is normal and you start to recede beyond that, Propecia won’t stop that or help you get back there?

My case: I’m 22 years old and am on a little more then a NW2 which is fine with me. But 3cm into my hairline the hair is less full (not obvious but I know) and the hair around the temples are becoming short. So Propecia won’t help me there? I noticed this problem like 4 months ago and just started Propecia. I have no family history of MPB except my father but he was in his 40s when it began.

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Directly from the Propecia.com website: “There is not sufficient evidence that PROPECIA works for receding hairlines at the temples.

It has been shown to treat hair loss primarily affecting the vertex (top of the head) and the anterior mid scalp area (where it sounds like you are having some of your problems). This does not mean that Propecia won’t help you. You need to be on it at least 8-9 months before you see any benefits of the drug. For you, there may be a beneficial effect on the frontal hairline, temples, etc and I have personally seen some wonderful results on the frontal area (including the hairline), although it is not common. Its best effect is on young men who have miniaturization in the frontal area that is not advanced. In these patients, the frontal hair loss may reverse. People can react differently to the same medication. You will also benefit from a miniaturization study to determine exactly which areas of your scalp that are mostly affected, thus determining if you indeed have male pattern baldness.

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  1. I think it’s more of a scam that they say it will take that long to see results and if it takes that long, how do you know that it actually works? I took it for a while and I didn’t really notice any difference except that I kept having to pay for those pills every money. I don’t really know of anything out there that really works great for hairloss.

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