Lost Patches of Hair in My Beard and Now It’s Growing Back White!

I started losing circle patchs of hair on my beard about 5 months ago the hair is growing back now but it is bright white. I also seem to have other hair coming in white on my beard now I am only 32 and my family has the balding gene but everybody in my family seems to maintain there hair color. Will my hair go back to its natural color, or am I doomed to get more white hair?

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The exact cause of why you lost your beard hair in patches may be central to your problem. It almost sounds like alopecia areata and this disease can reverse on its own. The disease may have killed off the melanocytes (pigment producing part of the hair). I would look at other parts of your body to see if you are losing hair in patches there as well.

With respect to white hair, it could reflect whatever killed off the hair that caused patches and it may be genetic. Unfortunately, you will continue to have white hair growth throughout the beard and if this occurs, you will know it is genetic. It is really not about the age, but more about your genetic predisposition. I really couldn’t make a diagnosis on your information alone. You should see a dermatologist for an in-person examination.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Patches of Hair in My Beard and Now It’s Growing Back White!

  1. Dr. Rassman, I had this issue a while ago aswell, I also wrote you, you said you were not sure.

    but this hairloss in beard then regrowth with white hair is temporary. I had a guge white patch on the left side of my chin for about a year, then it casually went back to normal

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