My Doctor Told Me I Have Keloids On My Scalp

my derm told me that i had keloids in the back of my scalp. is it normal for a women to get them in there scalp? i have 7 of them in the lower back of the scalp and the and maybe 3 in the middle. they injected them with steroids 1 and they didnt get any better. just got a lil smaller, not to much though. i thought in the back of the scalp was more for men to have.

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I would assume that your doctor is right if he diagnosed you with keloids. If you want a second opinion, you can try seeing another dermatologist. Keloids don’t discriminate.

Here is an excerpt from eMedicine: “The prevalence [of Keloids] has been reported to be higher in young females than in young males, probably reflecting the greater frequency of earlobe piercing among females. Keloids and hypertrophic scars affect both sexes equally in other age groups.”

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