Hair Cloning and Hair Transplant Failures?


Firstly, do you think we will see any radical new baldness tretments in the next five-ten years (such as hair cloning)? Do you think if hair cloning (or another procedure) becomes a reality it would be possible to have a full head of hair if a man was extensively bald (only hair at the back and sides of his head)? If this is possible would it be necessary to continue taking dugs such as propecia? I would imagine if the hair is DHT resistant it would not be required. Finally, how often is there failure in hair transplants? By that I mean when hair is taken from a donor area but fails to grow when transplanted (I’m assuming a competent doctor)?

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Hair cloning procedures available to the general public are still many years away. Maybe there will be medications required, maybe not. At this stage, no one knows. Any cloned hair would have to be DHT resistant or what is the point in cloning hair that is susceptible to falling out again?

Complete failure of a hair transplant is rare when the team that does it is very experienced. I just had one about a year ago and then repeated the surgery at my cost and everything worked the second time. I just saw the patient 8 months from the date of the second surgery and things look fine now. I was stumped about the earlier failure and still do not understand it. Most of the problems of failure to grow is the result of diseases like diffuse alopecia areata. Skin biopsies might help make that diagnosis.

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  1. This is funny , because , why ON EARTH would they clone hairs that weren’t DHT resistant ? You do hair transplants and claim now “Any cloned hair would have to be DHT resistant” surely they would just clone hair from the back/sides of the head that are … what are u trying to say ? I worry about you maybe you are growing senile in your old age !! WHAAAHAA

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