Psoriasis and Lice

i have a friend and her little girl had head lice and she has psoriosis. the question is if you have psoriosis can you still get head lice

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Psoriasis and lice are not related, and having psoriasis is not protective to having head lice. I suspect the lice won’t be as happy living in the midst of a psoriatic scalp, but beggars can’t be choosers. Kidding aside, psoriasis is a skin condition and lice is a parasite infestation. You can have a combination of each independently.

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  1. I have Psoriasis the thing is 9 years ago i had Mono during that time all my psoriasis went away unfortunately when i got better it came back they need to look into what would cause the white blood cells to make it go away and might be able to find something to control it better

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