Hair Won’t Grow on the Back of My Head

I have a problem with my hair where all of the hair all over my head will grow…except for the hair in the back of my head. I have let my hair grow down past my eyes and ears in the front of my hair, but the back of my hair barely has grown enough to pinch with your fingers. Why won’t my hair grow in the back? What can I do to get the hair to start growing??

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I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand your question and I don’t know enough about your medical history. There is never a substitute for a direct examination and even a photo of you will not show clearly what is going on. Please see a doctor where you can have a one-on-one dialogue, including an examination of your head and scalp.

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  1. I don’t know what she considers the back of the head. Is it from the crown down? Just the length at the nape? Like I said, in-person exam is best — and I’m not suggesting with me, just with a local doctor in general.

    Also, I don’t know enough about her medical history. Is she taking medication? Is she anemic? The list can go on and on…

  2. I have just the opposite problem. My hair won’t grow in the front of my head (ears to my forehead). I have been to several dermatologist and none have been able to help me. I have done research on my own and believe that my hair loss is due to poor blood circulation and damage to the hair follicle as a result of having Bells Palsy twice and being under severe stress. I think the hair will grow back with daily manual massages and hair follicle treatments. I understand your frustration, but you’ll be even more frustrated when you realize just how little the doctor’s know.

  3. Hi There,

    I actually have the same problem. From an early age (5 or so), hair on the top of my head would grow at least several inches, but the hair on the nape of my neck up to hair up to about 3 inches above the ears would grow either just enough to pinch when longest and bald patches otherwise. I’ve tried everything, and even went to the doctor/dermatologist to have it examined.

    The explanation is that it is a combination of hair type (I have extremely kinky hair and thinner hair in the back), how I sleep (I sleep on the back of my head–cutting off circulation to the areas where I bald), stress (I notice my hair falls out a lot when I’m stressed), and possibly a thyroid problem (I read somewhere that an under-active thyroid can cause unusual hair loss in the area). The doctors did not find anything. It’s not common, and it’s cosmetic–so it’s not something requiring medical attention in the traditional sense.

    Here are some tips to help it grow that have helped me–but it eventually just breaks off again because it’s a lot of effort to maintain this and it’s not worth the effort to me for just a couple inches of hair at best. (1) Keep the hair well-lubricated. This means add oil or gel or whatever to make sure the hair isn’t too dry and brittle. Keep it slick–at all times. (2) If you can, try styles that don’t require too much brushing and combing in the back. Buy a wide-toothed comb or a pick for the back of your head–you’ll lose less hair. The less you friction you can cause on the whatever hair you have on the back of your head the better. (3) Avoid putting any chemical in your hair–dyes, perms, whatever. That will make it worse. Eat a good diet, get exercise, etc. That will make it better. Also, heat will weaken the hair. Try not to use too much heat and air dry.(4) Look up your hair type and follow the care guidelines. If you have oily hair, you need to wash every day. If you have dry hair, you may only need to wash weekly. We live in a society that frowns on anything but daily hair-washing, but for many of us with dry hair it’s the very worst thing we can do to our hair. Screw society and do what you need to do for your hair type.(5) Buy the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Do not buy the stuff from the grocery store. Get the salon-grade stuff and conditioner for your hair type. Also, sleep on sateen or satin–avoid cotton–at a minimum invest in high thread-count sheets so your hair doesn’t get caught in it.(6) Finally, don’t sweat it. I obsessed on this for years and near drove myself nuts over it. But today, it’s not so bad. You find hair styles and ways to arrange your hair that make it not so bad–with a little effort, no one has to know. Today, I saw a lady today who had literally a 2 inch strip of hair across the top of her head–she had the nape problem and a receding hairline going the other way. I’m counting my blessings. It’s not so bad after all. Hope this advice helps–from someone with the same thing.

  4. Thank you a friend. I’ve been trying to find help for this. I relaxed my hair a year ago after having natural hair for 5 years. Now the nape of my hair started breaking, so I had a short bob style with the nape shaved. 3 months later the rest of my hair is growing fast with the aid of B6 vitamines, but the back won’t grow. I’m not sure if I should try presciption meds, but your posting has helped. Thank you

  5. i have the same problem there is no hair at the back of my head i use to have ring worm when i was little

    have you found a result

  6. Thanks so much for posting. The back of my hair drives me nuts. It almost stresses me out which may cause it to fall out more. I do not get why it will not grow. But I am glad that I am not alone. I have gone natural and I thought that this would be the answer to all my troubles back there but even the kinks fall out. It is not as bad as when my hair was relaxed though. Now, I am trying to put tea tree oil and rosemary oil back there to stimulate some type of growth. It is no fun having a fro at the top and nothing in the back, it is actually quite embarrassing. The summer is coming and I know it will start growing again. I guess I am going to need to change my diet and get with vitamins and stuff.

  7. i am a 27 year old young man and i also have this problem,i been growing my afro for 6 months ,i can braid my entire head except for the back,the back head i cant even grab hair with 2 fingers,its very fustrating but i do think maybe its genetics,also stress.also sleeping on the back of my head alot stops circulation.i been taking vitamins and also using oild but still it wont grow,i also had this problem as a child until i sliked my hair with murray wave product which mad it grow.having it slicked made it grow but it stopped growing once i did that.i dont wont to go back to that,becuas it was very greasy,anybody knows any good products that slick the hair for black hair?

  8. i have a problem my right side wont grow i picked itfor the first time was kind ohf scared hope it wont spread all over my head its just that one spot ,my right its then any advice trying to get twisties

  9. I also can not grow the hair in the back of my head in the neck area and above the ear area for years now, the top of my head is fine. It looks like strings in the back of my head because I like medium length hair. I do not color or perm my hair in many years and still have this problem.
    I found wearing these hair extensions I bought at Sallys that are wonderful , I bought the real hair ones and just clip them in the back of my head and it blends in and looks real.
    Hope this helps and wish I knew what to do to grow my hair but so far nothing, I am thinking of going to a hair specialist though like Paula tutman on channel 4 did.

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