I recently went to the trichological clinic in Costa Mesa, CA and had microscopic hair analysis. After examining my hair bulbs and shafts, the trichology specialist, said that I have hyperhidrosis and excessive lactic acid cause the hair to fall out. I have noticed my hair loss since the beginning of this year and lost agressively for last three months. I have receding hairline but I don’t have much thinning on crown or vertex though I can see my scalp due to excessive hair loss. The specialist showed me the hair affected by DHT to compare with my hair affected by lactic acid. The hairs affected by DHT are encapsulated by DHT and my hairs don’t look like them. She said my hair bulbs are healthy but the acid is eating away the hair. I have never heard of this condition and before I start any kind of treatment I like to have second opinion from you.

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SweatHyperhidrosis implies increased sweating and the suggestion that the sweat contains lactic acid which damages the hair makes no sense whatsoever. DHT encapsulating the hair is beyond the science I know, but the storyline might be believable with a good salesman or saleswoman presenting it. Why look to other causes of hair loss if you have genetic hair loss? Not only have you not heard of it, but neither have I… though the Internet does contain references to the concept, so I guess some people are believers. I don’t know that I would trust anyone with that type of sales pitch.

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