Country Singer Keith Urban’s Hair

Hey Doctor Rassman.

I notice you get quite a few celebrity hairline questions so i figured I would add one more to it!

I was wondering if you could tell me from the pictures provided what kind of hairline does country artist Keith Urban have? I ask because my hairline looks very similar….as i’m sure u can see he has a very large forehead (as do I) and it looks like he has receded on the sides (Mine isnt receded past the sides like his but it is mature, always has been) but it looks very clear that he isn’t balding because he still has alot of hair! and those short hair pics are from almost ten years ago!

Just thought it to be an interesting question, and I hope to get your opinion.

Here are the links: photos and side view photo

Block Quote

Keith UrbanI’m not a country music fan, but I knew he looked familiar. Someone on my staff reminded me that Keith Urban is married to actress Nicole Kidman, so chances are I’ve seen his face on the cover of People Magazine in the lobby of my office. The reason that’s important to note is that even though he’s a musician, he doesn’t seem to be the type to tour in a van. He’s married to an A-list actress, so chances are pretty good that he has a personal stylist.

At any rate, his hairline looks fine to me, but you never really know how much of it is the illusion created by his stylists. It could just be that his current look is hiding the high corners with big strands of hair falling in front or he could’ve had work done (though I doubt that). I’d say he has an early Norwood Class 3 that appears to be very stable with a persistent forelock. His long hair makes it very difficult to really draw any conclusions.

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