I Studied Biology, So I Know Masturbation Causes Hair Loss

Overdoing self-manipulation (masturbation) converts too much testosterone into dihydrotestosterone(DHT). High levels of DHT overload the body causing baldness and possible prostate enlargement if blood circulation is poor in the prostate area causing a build-up of the compound. Reducing the frequency of your self gratification will help maintain low levels of DHT and avoid hair loss.

Im sorry Dr. Rassman but i study biology and im interested in hair loss and there is mountains of evidence to prove it. You dont even need evidence, its common sense. And heres why. If castration stops you from going bald, then anything that can get as close to the castration effect, to the point of almost castration such as no sex, masturbation, no erections, clearly DHT levels will be incredibly reduced.

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UghSome people know just enough to be dangerous. Whether you decide to masturbate or not, your testicles will put out testosterone which will be converted to DHT. Nothing you can do short of real castration will stop that process and I am not recommending that you get yourself castrated.

If the way you love your life makes you happy, by all means do not masturbate as there is nothing in that act that is necessary for maintenance of your health. To everyone else, there is no connection between masturbation and hair loss. If you believe the old wives’ tales, I’m not going to change your mind. I haven’t been successful in the previous messages about this, and I doubt this will change your tune. I think that you have exhausted this subject.

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20 thoughts on “I Studied Biology, So I Know Masturbation Causes Hair Loss

  1. Maybe God linked masturbation to hairloss as a punishment because it is bad. I’m going to chop off my testicles and penis tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if they are parceled to NHI.

  2. I just have to say–this is absolute bullshit!

    The main reason being inductive reasoning: how many readers has a friend that is experiening no baldness? I challenge you to ask them how many times they masturbated growing up. Compare that to your frequency and the conclusion will be that he probably jacked off more.

    Not to mention if there was any validity to this every seventeen year old in the world would be class fours.

  3. I wonder if all of these men who claim their hair loss is linked to masturbation might be suffering from zinc deficiency and not high levels of prolactin or dht. I would like to think the Dr. is right but there’s a lot of evidence for there being a connection between ejaculation/sex and hair loss and his ‘smarter than thou’, quick to dismiss attitude doesn’t really help. The main reason, besides loss of zinc, that I think there *may* be a connection is because prolactin raises after ejaculation and prolactin stimulates the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which converts testosterone-DHT. It seems logical, to me, that frequent ejaculation could lead to elevated levels of prolactin which could ultimately trigger the production of dht. I do realize that some DHT will be converted no matter what you do, as long as you have testicles.

    “Also, if your theory was true ever guy in Porn would be bald due to their excessive ‘draining’.”

    Some men have a genetic sensitivity to DHT, others do not. Things like diet, exercise, stress etc. only play a role in hair loss, they don’t absolutely cause or prevent it.

  4. masturbation causes not only desensitizaton, but the visualization with it is by default pornographic. any of this, will get people to mutually disrespect the innocence of themselves. i know for a fact that MANY people dont believe this, but then again, the normal population are not as sexually moral as pre 1960’s. people have to be told many times not to do bad things…but then the baby boomers come along with a force of vengeance and say that ALL pleasures are good in moderation by the rule “personal liberty”…and now we live in a society where most of our children will get stoned and will be sexually perverted.

    P.S. how do you know porn stars dont go to Hair club for men??

    do you really think our movie stars are not genetically bald?

    more plastic surgery please…for my daughter : )

    self gratify yourself, support porn, support all the “pleasure companies” and your children will inherit our sins…YOu know this…all of you…question is … can you keep your hands off the “joystick” and think like the pre-1960’s and say “enough is enough”!!!

    my stink is to take all the good through the best, and then dump the rest… this means, we take the best morals of life and dump the worst…take the family values and innocence of the pre-1950’s and take away the war, prejudice, ignorance, and racism and add it to the …peace, open mindedness-without the drugs and perversion- and we have ourselves a better society….
    do the right thing, even if it hurts…for our children and our children’s children!!

  5. Hi, as I was reading this blog I was surprised of the doctors answer….My reason to say this is that I am 23 and experiencing hairloss and I found why I am lossing my hair I noticed that when I masturbated I had a sour scalp only around the vertex area and this only happens when I masturbate and why this happens to me now? is because I over masturbated way too many times for like the last 3 years I had sex and masturbated like every single day of my life which now is having an effect on me, and as I entered in panic I started to look for answers and I found articles saying many of the symtptoms that I have so I am 100% sure that over masturbating causes imbalance in your body now I have decided to have sex twice a week

  6. I have been a chronic masturbator for over an year. I was also doing too many stressful activities + 1 hour of vigorous exercise and also masturbate all day long and churn out the fluid from all the organs viz. bulb-urethral glands, testicles, prostate, etc. until i go dry and a tickle is enough to make me ejaculate. Finally one day, last month, i peaked masturbation and my hair was literally falling out not in dozens but 100s a day. Imagine losing 500-600 strands a day for 30 days!… I got bald all of a sudden over the crown and it came as a severe shock to me. I did not want to react to it as i felt i might lead myself to some heart problem or high blood pressure.

    This made me take one strict oath. Not to ejaculate… And guess what?… i succeeded in not ejaculating for 22 days after being a chronic masturbator!. And on the 22nd night, i did not masturbate, but had a nocturnal emission which i should say was nature`s way of disposing stuff… Now, since the 22nd night, i haven`t even touched my organ for any other reason other than urinating, until yesterday (26th) when i got mad. Still i haven`t ejaculated. So, i`m going to live the life of a school kid and let me see if i can reverse the effects of over masturbation faster…

  7. I definitely think masturbation plays a part in baldness. I tried to stop masturbating for a month and my hair seemed to fall out far less, and it was thicker. It also had psychological effects – I was more motivated. positive, and felt a lot more responsive to women. It felt like women knew I had not ejaculated for ages, and they were more interested in me, although this could have been because I was noticing them more.

    I believe baldness is linked to our psychological well-being – if we feel unhappy, stressed, anxious etc. and we don’t vent these emotions or learn to calm down, we lose our hair. Other animals also lose their hair, feathers etc if they are stressed and put in poor conditions. If you want to keep your hair, learn to relax, and be at ease with everything in the same way a child is. Only adult men go bald, and only adult men masturbate and get massively stressed out – I think there is a link.

  8. To cut a long story short here; back in 2004 I was reading about how many Propecia patients report loss of sex drive, so I assumed that there was a link between sex drive and DHT levels. I decided to give up masturbating, as a natural way of lowering my sex drive / DHT levels, then, after 4 months of abstinence, I look in the mirror one day to see little blonde hairs starting to grow back again.

    I continued with the abstinence and these hairs began to grow thicker and darker, and I also noticed more hairs growing back on my temples.

    I didn’t continue with the abstinence and the hair that regrew, eventually disappeared and my hairline receded more.

    Anyway, I told people about how giving up masturbating helped me regrow hair, and a Croatian man contacted me to tell me that he is going to give this a go and see if it works for him. Guess what? After 100 days of abstinence, he emailed me to tell me he was absolutely thrilled because he could see little blonde hairs starting to grow back on his temples.

    I can only assume that over masturbating must cause the heart to pump a great deal of DHT to the temples. someone pointed out in a previous post that some men have hair follicles which are more sensitive to DHT than others. I have no idea why this is, but I do know that abstinence really does cause hair to grow back again.

    Would abstaining cause all hair to grow back again? I don’t know. I am at day 76 now of abstaining and I noticed that a little blonde hair is regrowing. Also, under a certain light, I can see tiny vellous hairs starting to thicken up. I can even grip some of them between my finder nails and pull them. AND the hair I have has thickened up too.

    I think that if I continue to abstain, then I will probably have a considerable amount of regrowth in a about 5 years time. Yes, this is a long time to regrow hair, but think about how many years it took to recede.

    I’ve been mildly receding since I was 16 (I’m 33 now), so it might actually take around 10 maybe 15 years to regrow it to its original state. I can’t say for certain, other than the fact that I’m going to give it a go.

    Also, since I gave up masturbating I have so much more energy than I ever had before, and I can now look at women without just seeing them as sex objects, so it’s all good.

  9. I don’t know why some people deny that masturbation can cause baldness. But it certainly looks like both of them are connected. Masturbation converts testosterone into DHT. Too much of it make your hair to fall by damaging the follicles.You see the most effective treatment for baldness “propecia” or finasteride what it does?. It makes your hair to stand and libido to fall.By not masturbating you may get the same benefit as of propecia ofcourse in a different & natural way. You may now ask that why on earth some people do not go bald even they play with their “joystick” all the time. What i think is that may be they are superimmuned to the effects of DHT genetically. WE see about 90% male go bald by age 80.Some of the superimmuned men even lose their hair by that age, who doesn’t I mean your so called superimmunity may also be suppressed by that age. I don’t have any hard evidence for my theory but hey doesn’t it look like pretty intuitive that the million dollar companies are yet to find a perfect solution for hairloss.Ofcourse if everybody check on abstinence(if it works) why the hell people will buy their products

  10. Im 23 years old and started losing my hair from the front at the age of just 15. Without reading any articles or doing any research I always thought that to much masturbation leads to hair loss.. since I masturbate WAY TO MUCH every day, definitely addicted!

    Last year I went to the doctor and he gave me Finpecia (basically same as Propecia) tablets and a spray for my head with 2% Minoxidil to stop my hair from falling out and to help regrow some hear.. I think less hair is falling out, but also made another descovery.

    Last year I was working out of town on a road contract for 5 months and was so busy that I did not have alot of time for myself so I did not masturbate every day and not so much as I normaly do and I descovered that I did not loose nearly the same amout of hair a day like I normally do. When I dried my hair after washing over the empty bath I lost on average about 12 hairs that fell into the bath in the drying process with a towel. Now Im back home and masturbate atleast 4 times a day while watching porn, some days even 10 times a day. Guess how many hair do I on average see in the bath now after drying my hair?? About 25!!

    Conclusion? Its a FACT that to much masturbation a day leads to hair loss! I am really shocked about this descovery!

    After reading the comments of a few people above I am definitely going to try and stop masturbating for a month and then after that maybe just masturbating 2 times a week and still using my Finpecia tablets and Minoxidil spray to see what effect this hass on my regrowth of hair after reading real life stories of people with success after masturbating less and stopping all together.

    Cant wait to see the results! But tonight I am going to watch alot of porn and enjoy myself masturbating like crazy before I stop masturbating for a month and then only maybe 2 times a week there after.

    This is going to be a hard mission, but I know it will be worth it with good results!!

  11. i’ll try this method, i’ll never masturbate for a month (maybe twice a month) and i’ll use aloe, homemade Vco and looking forward what it happens to me, maybe i’ll repost if this method is working,,, Aloe day and night works on me (a bit..)

  12. listen everyone…i am 22yr old now and have been masturbating everyday since i was 18yrs old…i even do it 3 times a day sometimes. my hair has been thinning since i was 18 and hairline is receding at the temples. i got worried and started searching for reasons behind this. my diet is pretty good with proteins and all. so im positive its not the diet. im a very cool kinda guy and dont take things very seriously and am happy most of the time. so im sure even stress is not behind this. the only reason left was genes. i started looking at my parents and grandparents and also brothers, if they were having any history of baldness or hair thinning. but guess what i didnt find anyone in my family having hairloss. my dad and my brothers have full heads of hair wihtout any signs of thinning. i began to wonder why this is happening with me only. after thinking a lot and reading some material on the internet the answer seems pretty clear. MASTURBATION! this is the only difference between me and my bros. they are busy most of the time and im sure they masturbate very rarely. on the other hand ive been doing it regularly for years now. so thats it..there is no other explanation for my problem..this is the reason for my hair thinning and now im gonna try and stop this habit. lets hope for the best.(what makes me absolutely sure is that everyone in my family has heads full of hair except me, and they dont masturbate like i do)

  13. It works guys… dont masturbate for about 2 weeks u will see d difference… I have done dis before.. and regrowed my hair by just following these steps
    1.no masturbation
    2.wash your hairs alternate days that too by mixing the shampoo in a mug with water and den aply it as the chemicals in shampoo sometimes contribute to DHT sensitive people to loose hairs
    3. Aplly onion juice thrice a week
    4. Hand stand and breath heavy or kapalbharti is the best
    5. Drink green tea
    6. Rub your nails(balayam)
    And I guarantee you no matter how much stress you take you will be able to atlest stop the hair fall and if you follow these steps regularly, in a month or 2 weeks u will see baby hairs growing on your scalp… your main aim should be increase oxygen and blood in your scalp area and please dont masturbate… you will see the difference in not only hairs but also in your life

  14. i am 18 and i stopped masturbation for about 3 months.i did see some improvement, like i started having nightfall once a month plus hairfall reduced. but now, having stopped masturbation completely, my hair has started falling again, and in huge amounts….pls help! thanks

  15. Same problem. when I was young I had dark red hair and it soon turned more coarse over the years. I have been masturbating since I was 15. I was very embarrassed by it and knew this wasn’t good for me. I always had a feeling that my hair was a sign of my health. Most ancient cultures considers this “white blood” contain all the important minerals and nutrients for life. which is why you feel tired and sleepy after ejaculation. Fastforward ahead, I am 21 with a huge receading hair line. Ive practiced castration and find it very rewarding. I think the longest recently was 1 month, which in my book is very hard since I practiced masturbating at least once a day. Aside from my receding hairs hairs that regrow from castration, its my noticeably strong focus I have to get tasks done like college homework and simple every day conversations with people, along with more eye contact. Anyways, the biggest thing I learned from this is you cant trust a medical book that is republished every year that are paid by certain corporations to pertain a certain agenda to keep citizens close minded, believe that its ‘genetics’, it cant be diagnosed only treated, that only money can save you, when most autoimmune diseases are self-triggered based off diet and lifestyle. This is just one of many examples of psychologically killing the power of human intellect. THINK

  16. Feels a little awful finding this information after having masturbated excessively and already experiencing thin hair at the crown of my head.

    I have since stopped fapping…hoping my hair loss will slow down.

  17. I strongly feel masturbation is a reason for this, there’s just not enough studies if any on hair loss/masturbation, no one ever links to a study on this it’s just assumption, this would require a lot of funding and years of testing, having said that.

    No one, absolutely no one from my great grandfather fathers side to my great grandmother mother side was bald, except for my uncle but he had LUPUS.

    And I don’t have the typical MPB I am losing my hair just a bit above the front like a curved T shape backwards ( one small patch lost and some thin hair adjacent to it ), which from seeing online no one has that pattern, the only possible reason is because of my Diet + excessive masturbating both caused because I was stay at home for 5 years for college studies ( all I do was study and go home ) , so I was basically masturbating more than usual at least every single day and eating useless food, but I think the major reason is masturbation.

    I am now almost on 2 weeks of no masturbating and will continue to do so, but I think it will take months or years to get back even some hair because I am masturbating since I was 9 years old, but it’s definitely worth it.

    Stop masturbating + using castor oil now and praying to God to help me.
    I will report back if/any results I get.

  18. Reading the post opened my eyes to a whole new side of masterbation,my hair is currently thinning and I’m planning to stop all together. But I have a question, if I were to stop masterbating and start a healthy diets and started to work out, would I be able to grow my hair back just like one does after they stop kemotherapy? Please let me know asap tnxs

  19. my hair is thinner than before because of masturbation but i’ve stopped since 3 days and i will keep it and i will tell the result after 3 months i promise..

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