Overdoing self-manipulation (masturbation) converts too much testosterone into dihydrotestosterone(DHT). High levels of DHT overload the body causing baldness and possible prostate enlargement if blood circulation is poor in the prostate area causing a build-up of the compound. Reducing the frequency of your self gratification will help maintain low levels of DHT and avoid hair loss.

Im sorry Dr. Rassman but i study biology and im interested in hair loss and there is mountains of evidence to prove it. You dont even need evidence, its common sense. And heres why. If castration stops you from going bald, then anything that can get as close to the castration effect, to the point of almost castration such as no sex, masturbation, no erections, clearly DHT levels will be incredibly reduced.

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UghSome people know just enough to be dangerous. Whether you decide to masturbate or not, your testicles will put out testosterone which will be converted to DHT. Nothing you can do short of real castration will stop that process and I am not recommending that you get yourself castrated.

If the way you love your life makes you happy, by all means do not masturbate as there is nothing in that act that is necessary for maintenance of your health. To everyone else, there is no connection between masturbation and hair loss. If you believe the old wives’ tales, I’m not going to change your mind. I haven’t been successful in the previous messages about this, and I doubt this will change your tune. I think that you have exhausted this subject.

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