My Doctor Gave Me Steroids to Grow My Mustache

i am 21 and losing my hair on one side of my mustache. i went to a doctor and he geve me something that had steriods in it and told me it should start growing back in 3 to 6 months. well it has been a year and nothing. i haven’t lost anymore but it still hasn’t grown back. i am missing the left side of my mustache. why and what can i do to get it growing again?

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MustacheI do not know why you’d be treated with steroids (topical, I am assuming) to help grow a mustache. It is very peculiar that half of a mustache would be missing. I am having a hard time imagining someone with half a mustache, but high on the list of diagnosis would be alopecia areata. I also do not know of a successful treatment to grow a mustache other than hair transplant surgery. It really works, but if you have alopecia areata present, the disease will kill off any hair in the mustache area.

Before you even consider a hair transplant surgery, you need to see a good dermatologist and get a working diagnosis of why you’re missing have half of your mustache.

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